The Coronavirus Diaries, 5th February 2021

We are having lots and lots of sudden heavy downpours of rain, usually at night, and out of the blue. Toady was more like the end of March than the start of February: blue skies, warm sunshine, a gentle breeze. The flowers are all appearing, hyacinths pushing their heads through the damp earth, snowdrops in clumps and drifts, crocii, even daffodils, and others I can’t name. Why didn’t I take pictures? Soon. Tho’ tomorrow it is set to be damp and there is even talk of snow on Sunday.

It’s J’s birthday today. Celia and I were able to present her with a bunch of flowers were had been invited to take from St Peter’s across the Walworth Road. Yesterday there had some filming there for a new tv series called Tailspin which will be on Apple TV. I don’t have Apple TV so I doubt if I shall see it. The member of the crew I spoke to yesterday could/would only tell me the title of the programme, but another today told Celia the church featured in a scene where a bride was arrested by the FBI at her wedding. Is the FBI allowed to arrest people here? I asked. Sounds unlikely. As Celia doesn’t have Apple TV either we shall probably never know.

So we celebrated by Zoom tonight. I did the chip run with Celia waiting at the door of the chippy to take her large chips and portion of haddock back to share with Charlie. I delivered B and J’s scampi and calamari, and went home to finish making my Thai green curry and cook some rice. B and J were pleased with their choices, my curry was delicious, and I must ask Celia about the haddock. Maybe this will become our Friday evening ritual until we can meet and eat in person.

Tonight Siobhàn McSweeney is on the Graham Norton show, so I am keeping my eye on the clock as I want to watch. If you saying, Siobhàn Who? She was Sister Michael in the Derry Girls, the Judoka nun who stole the show. If you are saying, Derry Girls? I may not be able to help you.

Stay safe. Keep well.


4 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 5th February 2021

  1. Happy now belated bday to J. I am impressed by your chip shop shopping Isobel.

    We are hopeful for some rain in a few days. Savour your drizzle for us

    • I’ll tell her, though she does read this sometimes. The chip shop venue is close by. Maybe next time you are here we’ll have a homage cava and chips evening. Rain again tonight, and the temperature dropped this afternoon. Tomorrow – snow!!!

  2. The haddock was delicious, as were the chips – much appreciate your courier service.
    Lovely to see the church opposite full of beautiful flower arrangements – just a shame there will be no congregation tomorrow to appreciate them in situ, although they are going to be distributed locally. It is a lovely building – very light, so at it’s best in yesterday morning’s bright sunshine.
    Too much rain here since Christmas – past savouring it!

    • We are perfecting this lockdown birthday lark chips and all. Is it Charlie’s birthday next? We may need a chip night before then.
      The flowers were great. Also good to get inside St Peter’s again.
      I wish we had more than one water butt. This rain is going to waste!

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