The Coronavirus Diaries, 17th February 2021

I have a new plaster cast, the same blue as my cast seven years ago. I also have confirmation that my wrist is broken. In three weeks I return to the fracture clinic. Life goes on. Doing the washing up, opening cans with ring pulls, sweeping up litter MasterB has enthusiastically excavated from his tray, multi-tasking, all are difficult. Chopping onions, chopping garlic, impossible. I need to vacuum but to do that means getting the vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard and assembled, then disassembled and back into the cupboard. That is daunting. I am not sure if changing the bed linen ranks higher in the daunting ranks, but it’s certainly a close rival.

But hey, just three weeks. This is not a life sentence. One day soon I will be two handed once more. My current situation gives me renewed respect for those who live each day with a physical disability, who look outside the box, as the saying goes, to tackle every day tasks and live independent lives. Assistance dogs are often the key that restores confidence, gives that independence. The other week I read a piece about how guide dogs are struggling with lockdown. They are bored, demotivated. These are dogs whose whole lives are work. Locked down they are frustrated, their lives lack the daily interest and mental stimulation they thrive on. Some have given up. They may or may not be able to be retrained. I imagine it’s the same story with other assistance dogs. The humans who rely on them to live their lives are thrown into a state of uncertainty about their future post lockdown. When lockdown ends for many theirs looks likely to continue indefinitely.

There’s also been an enforced hiatus in training new guide dogs due to lockdown, so it could be years before everything is back on track. this seems more than a tad ironic given how many new dog owners there are since last March.

Stay safe. Keep well. Count your blessings.

3 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 17th February 2021

  1. I’m so sorry to hear it is an actual fracture and promise to try not to follow your example. Hope you are well stocked with jigsaws to pass the time.

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