The Coronavirus Diaries, 24th February 2021

A short walk today with Celia. We have both been busy with other things though the fine weather was calling at least one of us. It was hard to turn away, sit down at the computer and spend the hours inside. MasterB sunbathed on the sitting room carpet. But we had the consolation of yesterday’s walk which was a good one. We met in the middle of the afternoon and, at Celia’s suggestion, walked up to St James’ Park via Lambeth Bridge. We were obviously not the only people who thought it would be great place to go. For those of you who are unfamiliar with London, this is the park that flanks the Mall (pronounced to rhyme with gal) which leads up to Buckingham Palace. It’s a bird sanctuary, has has wonderful flowerbeds, crocuses in the grass, and wildish areas for the birds, bats, and whatever other creatures make their home there. I know there’s at least one fox.

The geese were convinced we must have something for them. They came over to us, talked to us eloquently and energetically, but to no avail. Our pockets were empty. A squirrel was even more determined and climbed up Celia’s leg. If I were a St James’ Park goose I would be muttering about the parakeets. Parvenus: loud, aggressive, confident, they were the ones most people were offering food to. I’m guessing if a goose tried emulating their behaviour and landing winsomely onto an outstretched hand it wouldn’t go down too well. Again there were signs asking people not to feed the wildlife. Ignored signs by and large. People had come armed with tubs of bird seed. The joy we humans get from feeding wildlife is fascinating to witness. A heron seemed to be following us. Then we realised it was watching someone else: a litter picker who when his work is done stays on to offer feed the birds. He offered us fish to give to the heron and Celia accepted without hesitation.

Home via the Jubilee Bridges and the SouthBank, then a loo stop for me at Waterloo Station. It was ten to six in the evening: rush hour, but the station was quiet, as was the bus stop outside where I rejoined Celia. We avoided the main roads, stopped to look in the windows of a bookshop, through uncurtained windows of homes where the lights were on, the little Chinese shop in a back street at the Elephant, and the soon to open plant shop by the post office. At Marks and Spencer we parted as I had promised to get milk for B&J.

I took photos. Of course I did. But the block system on WordPress makes uploading photos such a faff that I’m not including any in this post. Maybe on Friday.

Stay safe. Keep well. Remember we aren’t out of the woods yet.

2 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 24th February 2021

  1. Glad you had a good walk I love St James park especially the pelicans! We are so rusty from not having gone birdwatching as our local reserve has been closed for the last year, and also Slimbridge reserve which we like to visit. I am beginning to doubt I will recognise a moorhen or duck anymore!

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