The Coronavirus Diaries, 25th February 2021

So much good stuff today. I am quite excited. So it seems appropriate to have a Pointer Sisters moment now.

My friend Chris told me she and her partner have both had their first vaccinations. What? I was jealous. She told me to look online and see if I could book one. I was sceptical, but guess what? tomorrow I am booked in for the jab. Woohoo! B is going to be my vaccination buddy, so we shall walk the mean streets in February sunshine tomorrow morning. Is it going to be Pfizer? I don’t know. Watch this space.

I had a day of online lectures to do with work. They exceeded my expectations, which was great, but a day in front of a computer screen makes me feel brain dead. A brisk walk round the block helped; a short conversation with Octavia; an inspired dinner of lovely lentils with brown rice and broccoli; a sinful but delicious vegan Magnum. I’m writing this now as I want to watch a programme in fifteen minutes where David Baddiel, a man I admire enormously, mentors another man I admire, the Rev Richard Coles, in the art of stand up. It’s in aid of cancer research, the Stand Up to Cancer fundraising campaign. I am really looking forward to seeing how Sayeeda Warsi gets on having read this in the Guardian earlier in the week. Try this for a taste:

“Comedy,” says Warsi, “is a space where you can do things that politicians cannot. Up there, I realised I could say what I wanted and get away with it.” Take, she says, the number of times she’s sat in meetings and listened to “those ‘Londonistan’ theories”. Warsi finds such notions of Muslim takeover farcical, given “we can’t even agree on a day for Eid, or how to wash for rituals. So I talked about that on stage: about being a recovering Tory, about being stuck inside the Conservative party and trying to keep my sanity.”

I love Sayeeda Warsi. I just don’t understand why or how she is a member of the Conservative party. Maybe this will help me. Or her.

So stay safe. Keep well. Laugh if you get the chance. Embrace the future.

9 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 25th February 2021

  1. I want you to join Team Pfizer for the solidarity but I remain thrilled that you’ve got an appointment whichever brand they choose to for your jab. And a thank-you for the always joyful local gals the Pointer Sisters. Its a good day.

  2. I got Pfizered but then started fretting in case EU retribution for Brexit blocked the importation of my second dose. Then I read that a Pfizer-AZ cocktail is the best a jab can get. 💉💉

    • Both my vaccinations were booked at the same time and I was told I’d be given the same vaccine each time. Given my reaction to the Astra Zeneca I am wondering if I might be able to have the Pfizer next time, or might I react just as strongly? It would be nice to know!

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