The Coronavirus Diaries, 1st March 2021

St David’s day. Appropriately I have daffodils, two bunches, two different varieties, in two separate vases. One vase is in the bedroom, the other in the living room. There may be more daffodils in the garden but I’ve not been out much since Friday.

Friday was glorious, warm and sunny as early April, and the weekend and today have continued in the same vein. B and I strolled down to Loughborough Junction admiring this and that on the way, until I realised our admiring, look-at-that-ing risked my late arrival for the appointment with my Covid vaccination, so the last few minutes were more a brisk walk.

It was all very streamlined. I was back outside in the sunshine with B in a few minutes. I had the Astra Zeneca vaccine. B was there in case I had a bad reaction. I so didn’t have a bad reaction we almost forgot that I might have done until we were nearly back.

After a quick lunch I went for a second walk with Cynthia. All was well with my world. The evening passed pleasantly and I was washed, teeth cleaned and ready for bed when the reaction did come. It gave no warning. One moment I was standing beside my bed, the next I was shaking from head to foot, freezing cold, my teeth rattling in my head. My hand shook so much I couldn’t hold a glass of water. I thought I might fall over. I grabbed a spare blanket, wrapped it round myself and shivered under the covers trying to get warm. My head was aching, I felt slightly sick, the site of the vaccination had suddenly become tender. Hell. Eventually I warmed up enough to fall asleep. I woke some time later baking hot.

And so it began. A day of aches and pains, a stinking headache, a curious sharp pain under my right ear. I ached across my shoulders, down my back. My joints ached, my fingers ached. My eyes felt sore when I tried to read. Saturday was a day of sleep punctuated by painkillers and glasses of water. My fever inspired dreams were vivid, and have remained so although my temperature is back to normal. It was exhausting. MasterB gave up trying to get me to play, and curled up beside me. A solid, comforting presence. At half past ten in the evening I woke hungry, a good sign I thought, and had some toast. Then back to sleep until morning. Yesterday and today have been mainly spent on the sofa. Celia has been stalwart, bringing me supplies and good cheer, also the second bunch of daffodils and some alstroemerias which she may not know are some of my favourite flowers. Octavia came by with soup. Octavia is the only other person I know who has had a strong reaction to the vaccine. She had the Pfizer. We are both blood type O neg, and I wonder if there’s a connection. Some months ago there was a suggestion that there could be a connection between this blood group and a lower risk from a Covid. I have not heard anything about blood groups and the vaccines though.

I am hoping tomorrow to be rather more restored and have even planned an outing to buy bread. This vaccine had better work.

Stay safe. Keep well.

6 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 1st March 2021

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve had such a rough time with the vaccine. I feel rather guilty as I had mine a couple of weeks ago and, apart from very mild dizziness on day two, had no ill effects at all. It may or may not be of relevance that I too had the Astra Zeneca vaccine, and am also O negative. Hope you’re fighting fit by tomorrow!

    • Thanks Graham. Another member of the O neg clan. I think we comprise around 7% of the world’s population. Always good to know of people who could supply the wherewithal for a transfusion should I need one!
      I am disappointed that my headache has returned today, but maybe it’s unrelated. I have had a cup of coffee which was something I could’ve contemplate yesterday. When a glass of wine sounds like a nice idea instead of something that makes me shudder I think I can declare myself fully recovered.

  2. Wow! Yours was the worst reaction I’ve heard of though some folks I know did have ‘flu like symptoms with the first jab. Very glad to hear you are through the worst of it and best wishes on the bread shopping.

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