The Coronavirus Diaries, 5th March 2021

Back in the day people talked about ley lines. Well, when I say people I mean men, young men. They would adopt serious faces and explain how places were linked by these lines of incredible force. If they had beards, they would stroke them. As teenage girls, we were the audience. We might talk about ley lines among ourselves but in mixed company it was clear our role was to listen. I am glad things have moved on, though obviously not far or fast enough.

I am also glad that the only ley lines we’ve talked about recently is the one that links three households. J realised she could look from her basement kitchen through H&J’s ground floor sitting room straight to my first floor bedroom. Our three households are also linked by friendship and membership of a lottery syndicate. It’d be nice if the ley line theory would hold good and deliver us millions but so far my bank balance has not been miraculously inflated. So much for beard stroking.

After days of warm weather and sunshine we have cashed in the warmth for a return to cooler temperatures. The sun has lingered though, and that makes all the difference. Sunny days, increased hours of daylight, spring springing, the possibility of release from lockdown in the not too distant future. Things are looking up.

I’ve also earned some proper money doing my job, which is usually out and about with groups of people, online. The technology did not always behave as desired during the preparation, but it was alright on the night despite some unscheduled contributions from MasterB, and the feedback has been very positive so my motivation has been boosted.

Next week I am back at the fracture clinic. Fingers and toes crossed when this plastercast comes off it won’t be replaced. It will have done its job and I’ll be two wristed and two handed again. I’ll be able to wash my hands properlywithout fear of getting the plaster wet; cooking will suddenly be logistically easier, the amount of rice I did not get successfully from pan to plate tonight almost equalled the amount I did; J will be relieved of her onion and garlic chopping role; Celia will not be asked to scrape and cut carrots for me, or wash those items I need two hands to get out of the machine and onto the line. My friends have been amazing, and I cannot thank them enough. Now it’s time to roll on the physio. And the body lotion because there’ll be some horrible dead lizard skin beneath the cast.

Stay safe. Keep well.

2 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 5th March 2021

  1. So rather than being “overlooked” you are “underlooked”? Best wishes at the clinic and cheer to more virtual presentations.

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