The Coronavirus Diaries, 7th March 2021

I am counting down the hours to my appointment at the fracture clinic. Please please please may I be cast free by Tuesday lunchtime. This is such a different experience to the fracture of my right wrist. This one was not a bad break, and over the past few days I have felt irritated by my cast, as though it is an unnecessary encumbrance. When I broke my right wrist I was almost frightened of losing the security of the cast. Though I was delighted in other ways to be rid of it as frankly it smelled. So if I am wrapped up again on Tuesday I shall not be happy. Fingers crossed.

Quite a lot has been written about lockdown puppies and how they are going to cope if and when their humans return to their places of work. In the last few weeks when friends have called round with chopped onions and carrots, gifts of flowers and snacks I have realised that MasterB has lost the habit of socialising with anyone other than myself. It has taken several visits from Celia for him to relax and go out to greet her and then spend time with her. I know they say cats don’t have long memories, but I have seen MasterB react with delight to people he hasn’t seen for a more than a year. I fear the effects of this last year may take some undoing.

It’s also made me wonder how Freddy would have coped. Unlike MasterB, he was a cat who loved to dominate the street, the garden and to increase his human public at every opportunity. I called him the Leslie Phillips of the feline world. When people came to do work at the flat he was the self appointed foreman and supervisor. I know quite a few people locally who he charmed, who looked forward to their daily interactions with him, who still speak of him almost ten years after he died. I think lockdown would have had a significant impact on him too in quite a different way to how it has affected MasterB.

Meanwhile Hartley is hoping each day that we are going to spend time in the garden and that he will have a lap to sit on and someone to cuddle into. However thrilled we’ll be to be allowed to meet outside again I think Hartley’s joy will exceed ours. There was a cat who sat on top of a train at Euston Station on Thursday. It delayed the train’s departure by two hours. The story was widely reported in the press. A tabby, it looked very much like Romeo. Did he hop on a 68 bus and have an adventure north of the river. I wouldn’t be surprised.

Stay safe. Keep well. Love the animals.

4 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 7th March 2021

  1. I left Mr Mouse by himself over Christmas, being fed and supported twice a day by one friend up to and including 24th December, and then by another from 25th December. The reason for this was that my sister had brought up her cat to my mum’s and considered that the importation of a second cat would deeply disturb her cat (who pisses on the beds of her hosts when upset).
    Mr Mouse coped fine with friend no. 1. He declined to go out at all.
    Friend no.2, who had fed him on a lot of previous occasions and for whom he had demonstrated affection on a very considerable number of occasions over the last three years, was treated with fear, a panic-stricken flight outside, and a subsequent refusal to return to be fed for three days. Friend no. 2 contacted me and I dropped everything to drive down to Southampton, where I found a distraught and extremely hungry cat outside the back door.
    I can only assume that my extended absence plus the change of carers upset him to the point of not eating. He is fine now and I won’t be leaving him alone again if I can possibly avoid doing so.

    • I think Mami would have had a breakdown!
      So do you think lockdown has affected Mr Mouse? MasterB is fairly shy but he has his friends, and he loves Celia, so his reactions suggest he has been psychologically affected by his social isolation. He is very bonded with me, but I should like his world to be bigger.

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