The Coronavirus Diaries, 11th March 2021

Just typed the heading of this post and wondered when one will start without those three words. I felt an unexpected surge of hope this morning about the future. Maybe it was the spring. Maybe the unexpected blue skies when rain had been forecast. Maybe it was a headline now forgotten.

Yesterday I received an unanticipated letter. I’m not going to say what it was, but it first puzzled me then unsettled me. I wasn’t sure of the protocol of how to respond, and I didn’t understand why it had been sent. My first reaction was that although it was an odd way to communicate with me, that wasn’t my problem. But as time wore on I wondered what the motivation had been and if I should be worried; if there was an implied threat. I told Celia about it and then B&J. I was confused and uncertain as to how I should respond. To be honest I still am. But as they say, a problem shared is a problem halved, and moral support counts for a lot.

I have been doing my physio exercises religiously. When I broke my right wrist I found the hand therapy class wonderful. I worked and worked at my exercises and was rewarded by almost complete use of my wrist. This recent break is not in the same league, thank goodness ,as the other one, so although I find myself gritting my teeth as I try to squeeze a ball, or bend my wrist up or down, I know that gradually these exercises will make a difference and restore the movement to what it was. I am trying beyond exercises to tread the fine line between being over protective and gungho. Gungho sometimes wins simply because I don’t think. Returning form a walk with Celia this afternoon we passed an empty children’s playground. Earlier we had seen another empty, and much more exciting one.

As I said to Celia, these are playgrounds which make me very jealous of modern children. In my childhood, going to ‘the swings’ meant a playground with an unforgiving surface if you fell and a limited choice of entertainment. There would be swings, two types: one for small children who needed to be lifted into the swing and pushed; a second for those children who could propel themselves. There might be a seesaw or a slide; if you were lucky a contraption like a roundabout which you pushed round, and halfway through my childhood some very advanced playgrounds offered a long horse shaped piece of equipment, always red in my experience, with several seats, which by all the riders moving in unison would rock backwards and forwards. Today’s children would probably move away in disgust. However, there is nothing like a swing, and if I ever live somewhere with a garden I shall have one. So seeing the empty playground and two swings was just an invitation to simple, attainable pleasure. We passed a few minutes of gentle enjoyment. Until I grasped the chain with my left had I hadn’t even considered my wrist. It registered the demand, responded and I swung. Tonight it aches more than yesterday, and that may well be the result of this stolen pleasure, but in my book it’s both worth it and a motivation to go the swings again.

Stay safe. Keep well. Enjoy the simple things.


11 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 11th March 2021

  1. I don’t remember ever having to learn that movement on the swings – that sort of ‘stitching’ of the air: tucking your knees right under the seat, kicking them out front, together – but reading this I want to find a swing. I’ve not seen one for yonks.

    Yay, the ‘unforgiving surface’ blurring beneath!
    Boys keep swinging, etc.

    • Having recently broken my wrist by tripping and falling on an unforgiving surface I am all in favour of each and every one of our pavements and open spaces being covered with something kinder.

  2. The long horse type piece of playground was a bit odd but today I have two of the cast iron horses heads in my garden! Rescued from a play area that was being decommissioned for a new up to date safer surfaced one. I love them although they are so heavy to lift!

  3. I’d think holding the chain on the swing would be just about the right sort of physio twisting motion. Give yourself marks for extra reps and a bag of ice for the aftermath! Glad you are feeling so frisky.

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