The Coronavirus Diaries, 6th April 2021

The skies are so blue, barely a cloud, but the wind is like a knife and the blue turns to grey in an instant. Romeo and Hartley were soaking up the rays then finding sheltered spots. One moment you are enjoying the sun on your face, the next you are huddling into your coat. It has tried to snow. Temperatures are to drop to freezing tonight. Wow.

Romeo soaking up the sun
Hartley enjoying the sunshine and hoping I am going to sit down so he can get on my lap

The good thing is that it discourages people from going wild and gathering in big groups, but I am guessing it is also leading to more people disregarding the rules and meeting indoors. Celia and I enjoyed a walk in Nunhead Cemetery yesterday afternoon. We were wrapped up in winter coats, scarves, gloves. Celia wore a hat. I wish I had worn one.

It was striking how many local people were walking in the cemetery. So many called greetings, hellos, how are yous? Not to us. Our tribe is slightly further away. But it was nice. It underlined how local we have all become in our various lockdowns. That is something I am going to miss. Octavia has disappeared periodically to look after her mum, but the rest of us have all been here. That will change. I am longing to get on a train and enjoy a day trip somewhere. Maybe it’ll be a walk in the Surrey Hills, maybe a day trip to Coventry. Maybe I’ll even manage a night away in Liverpool. It all seems very exotic.

View of St Paul’s Cathedral and the City from Nunhead Cemetery

Celia came round this afternoon and MasterB emerged from the flat to greet her. Not once, but about there times. He’d go back inside, then reappear. Each time he stayed out a bit longer and eventually chose to go down stairs. I put on my coat and gloves, and we made to follow him. He came back up, but when we continued down to the street door he came too, and then to the outside, even venturing into the garden with hardly any hesitation at all. He didn’t stay out long, but I am so pleased when he does choose to go out. I see his behaviour change. He sniffs at everything, his ears are up. It’s obviously stimulating.

B&J who had spent the day indoors came over to pick some mint from the garden. The cold meant their visit was short. I have procrastinated about the work I should have been doing. I have done work that could have waited which is slight consolation, but tomorrow I need to get stuck in, then it’ll be birthday cake at five to wish Charlie many happy returns. I think we’ll be wrapped up in many layers and be cuddling hot water bottles.

Stay safe. Keep well. Keep warm.


5 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 6th April 2021

  1. Romeo lounging on the pavement vs. Harley all prim and awaiting your lap — that’s cats for you. Our weather, like yours, looks nice in theory but is cold in practice. Most excellent felicitations on your next social gathering. Ours have been lacking in hot water bottles but expensive in outdoor heaters.

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