The Coronavirus Diaries, 8th April 2021

I am feeling very proud of myself. Today I went to Tommy’s for my physio appointment. I have had six different exercises to do, twelve repetitions of each, three times daily, since my cast was removed. Two were easy from the word go, the other four have gradually become easier. In the middle of last week I was aware of a sudden improvement in the flexibility of my wrist.

The physio department was quieter than I have ever seen it. Where were all those people I had seen at fracture clinic? I was seen by a physio called Finn who wanted to know how I was getting on. I showed him what I could do and he seemed pleasantly surprised. That’s very good, he said. He said it quite a few more times during the session. I beamed behind my mask. We talked about other things I could do which would also be helpful. I said I had an inflatable beach ball which I had used after breaking my right wrist. He endorsed use of it again. Because he seemed genuinely interested and not likely to refer me to the psychiatric team, I told him that I had been doing the more difficult exercises with both wrists; my theory had been if my body could feel what my right wrist was doing then it might help my left wrist to get the idea. He stared at me and I wondered if he was considering calling someone to restrain me, but no, he said I was right, it did help. How wonderful.

I had two questions I wanted to ask, the first was the one worrying me most. Some years ago I had day surgery on my right arm to relieve the carpal tunnel syndrome I had. It wasn’t the greatest success, and I was happy to forgo the experience on my left arm. Since the cast has been removed the carpal tunnel symptoms have been mega. I wake up several times each night with a numb and aching hand and forearm. Was this connected with the fracture, and might I need to have surgery? He thought probably not, though I should tell him how it is when I return next month. The area of the wrist fracture is still not back to normal and he thinks it probably swells during the day causing compression at night. I do hope he’s right and that it will stop.

I also wanted a strength test to see if I am strong enough to control the steering wheel and drive. I can.

When he praised me again for doing my exercises so diligently, I said that I wanted to be able to use my wrist so that was my motivation, after all no one can do the exercises for me. Some people don’t do anything, he said. I was shocked, and a bit puzzled. How can those people expect to recover if they don’t do their bit? Surgery can only achieve so much, however skilled the surgeon.

I have a new set of exercises to do now, some using weights. If I do them as diligently as the last lot I hope my next physio appointment will see my wrist fully functioning, strong and good as new.

Stay safe. Keep well. Look after yourself.


6 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 8th April 2021

  1. Brava on the wrist recuperation. I try to remember to do the back and forth bends every once in a while. I’m sure your right one appreciates the work out as much as your left enjoys the camaraderie. Is it time to visit Das Boot?

    • A bit too cold to go to the boat and I think I’ll drive some short distances before I embark on that journey, but it will be soon.
      The new exercises with weights are going well and I was very pleased to hear the finger movements I had been doing in my cast had probably been beneficial. The wrist still aches a bit, but I gather that is to be expected.

  2. I’m glad your wrist is doing better and I’ll keep you in my prayers for full recovery. I agree, surgery only does so much. It sounds like you have a good doctor? You called him physio, is it the same as doctor or maybe he’s a physical therapist?

    • A physio is a physiotherapist. Two countries divide by a common language etc etc. Tommy’s is St Thomas’ Hospital. I have been doing my exercises. 😇thanks for your good thoughts.

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