The Coronavirus Diaries, 20th April 2021

I just remembered I promised Pat I’d put a link to an excellent long read in the Guardian on the subject of whiteness and race. I’ll do that now. Here it is. I find the subject fascinating, how we started defining people by the colour of their skin not by where they were born. which explains how some people on these islands just do not understand how you can be black or brown and yet British. It’s really not that difficult. And it would be a great move forward if we could get over it. I think it’s easier if you live in a multicultural place like Walworth, where we are all colours, all languages, united by Britishness.

This morning I met Karima who I knew through my work some years ago. When I say met, it wasn’t an arranged meeting, we were walking towards each other down a street. She was wearing a wonderful pink outfit which I wrongly assumed was to to do with Eid. No, she explained, it was something she liked to throw over her pyjamas or scruffy clothes if she had to go out. She was her usual sunny self. this is a woman who spent two years with a severely ill son in hospital who the doctors told her would die. He’s now twenty, and although his legs are weak, he’s fine. She’d be at the hospital all day, come home, cook for her older children, clean, go to bed, get up, make breakfast for everyone, then return to the hospital. Her attitude is eternally positive.

She reckons it was being sent home to die that allowed her son to live. The hospital had done all it could, and she is full of admiration and gratitude, but she says home is different, home was her son returned to being himself. I may have mentioned that I have been listening to Being Mortal by Atul Gawande which I read in book form when it came out some years ago. It is a wonderful book, and the questions it raised when it was published about how we care for people who can no longer care for themselves are among the most important questions we need to ask and find answers to. actually, it seems quite a few people have found workable solutions which do not institutionalise p[eople, allow them to be at home, but once business becomes interested the schemes become more about money than about the individuals, and we are back where we started.

Money has been the driver behind a wheeze for a new European wide Super League. A league with no promotions and no relegations. It was announce late on Sunday night and by tonight is floundering. Fans and players are angry. The government seeing a cause whose coattails it can ride on to gather public approval without actually doing anything, is condemning it. Do I believe Johnson et al give a fig about the Beautiful Game? Give me a break.

We have mayoral elections in London at the start of next month. The incumbent, Sadiq Khan, is getting lots of flak because it seems transport fares will rise. Transport for London (TFL) lost 90% of its income because of Covid. The government is putting the onus on the mayor to find the sums to make up the shortfall. I should have said Khan is a labour Mayor and the government is Conservative. Would a Conservative mayor face the same impossible choices? Of course not. This is the government meddling in a way that is unconstitutional. Sadly that is the way this government operates: lies, favours to friends, grants to supporters, and it has the support of big business interest who own large sections of the press. It’s a club, as corrupt and abhorrent as any paedophile ring, and one day there will be a reckoning, but by then many lives will have been wrecked. It is based on entitlement and venality, disregard for veracity, morality, decency and respect for others.

I despair for my country. But now it’s time to do the washing up and get MasterB in from the garden.

Stay safe. Keep well. Fight the good fight.

3 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 20th April 2021

  1. “I despair for my country. But now it’s time to do the washing up ” sums up where most of us are most of the time. I caught some juvenile Juncos frolicking in the undergrowth while Dad was trilling away in the tree above to distract me. It continues to astound me how much a little touch of nature will cure so many ills.

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