The Coronavirus Diaries, 22nd April 2021

A day out. Yeah, I know I have been going out a lot, but this was a Day Out. Ok, I have had Days Out too, but for the last year generally alone. Today was a Day Out in Company. To be precise with Celia, my usual partner in crime in London as we go walkabout and miss Blue Plaques to Charlie Chaplin as we are too distracted by the cakes in the window of the baker’s underneath.

We went to Wivenhoe. It was sunny. The skies were a cloudless blue. There was a cool wind. We bought lunch from the Norwegian baker, went into both book shops, drank our first ciders in a pub garden for a year. It was great. Celia says it was too. She bought a coffee from the deli where we later returned for ice cream. It stocks Booja Booja ice cream. Heaven.

Lunch was by the river, tide out, with our Norwegian Bakery purchases. The cider at the pub was wonderful, though despite our carbohydrate intake we watched, with a certain amount of envy, people eating chips. Out then to the sailing club and a conversation with a lovely man who was clearing winter’s mud away from the slipway. We learned he is a diver who has lived all over the world, including Colchester, was born in east London and has lived in Wivenhoe for 18 months. Loves it.

I asked him so many questions he thought I was a journalist (I am!) rather than just interested. Then it was up the hill to the fish shop. I don’t eat fish but Celia and Mr Celia, aka Charlie, do. On previous visits I have walked passed it but wasn’t entirely confident I could find it without deviation. The barmaid at the pub gave us the exact address.

So by now Celia had a book from each book shop, greetings cards from one of the book shops, some fish, a cake from the Norwegian bakery, various free magazines. I had a pub map, various free magazines, cakes from the Norwegian bakery. Then at the station there is the swap book shelf I picked up a big fat book about cats.

Oh I forgot. we were invited by a builder to look at a house he was renovating. It’s next door to a house which is for sale. Damn. I still haven’t won the lottery or I could have commissioned him there and then to a similar job for me.

Yes. Wivenhoe is back on the agenda.

It was great having Celia with me, looking at Wivenhoe with unemotional eyes, and giving it the thumbs up. I feel a step closer to making this move. Except of course I have to sell my flat first. Unless our little syndicate has a winning lottery ticket soon.

Stay safe. Keep well. Hold onto your dreams.

8 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 22nd April 2021

  1. And you hold onto yours, Isobel. It sounds like somewhere Celia would enjoy visiting to see you often. I so wish I had the power to help you win the lottery. By the way, my mother’s name was Cecilia, but was usually called Cel or Celia.

  2. Hurrah for you extraordinary Day Out. I appreciate your fence sitting on pulling up stakes vs staying put. Its a big step and a possible long fall.

  3. It was a lovely, interesting day. I was very taken with Wivenhoe, helped by bright sun and blue skies.
    Shall certainly look forward to visiting again and seeing more of it. River, boats, friendly people keen to chat, two bookshops, juxtaposition of old and new buildings and quirky corners, pastries, cider, ice cream….. Plus tasty fresh fish in my bag that we’ve enjoyed for supper and lunch.

    • Maybe my plan to indict all my friends to Wivenhoe and get them to move with me may work after all! Fish worth the walk up the hill and carrying home?

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