The Coronavirus Diaries, 9th May 2021

I woke up thinking it was Monday. I have spent most off the day working, so in a way, if I had a regular nine to five job, it makes some sort of sense. The work was satisfying. but I was also treading water as I had an arrangement with a colleague to go through something we are working on together. I worked all. morning and heard nothing. Time for an early lunch. I sent a text, how about 1.30? It was a lovely day and I wanted to get out and especially to get away from the computer for a while. I hate waiting in without a definite time to meet; it feels like having one foot nailed to the floor.

A message came back, she was meeting someone for lunch. How long? I asked. Hours! came the jaunty reply. Ok, I thought, threeish at the latest. I went for a walk. Home by half past four. No message. Had past five came and went. No message.

As is our habit I was eating with Octavia tonight. My turn to cook, and unlike our usual practice, instead of cooking everything bar the veg at home, I was going to cook everything from scratch when I got there.

Finally, just before half past six I got a message to say my friend was home, and suggesting we talk tomorrow. I have things to do tomorrow. I really wanted this sorted today. How about now? I said.

It turned out she hadn’t done any more work on the project. You know I was going out for lunch, she said. Somehow, I didn’t find that excuse convincing. We had had an agreement. I’d kept it, she hadn’t. Lunch, for me at least, doesn’t generally last six hours, especially when I have agreed to do something. So I agreed to ten tomorrow morning, but I am underwhelmed.

Supper on the other hand was good. It was scrambled tofu. Octavia is not a fan of tofu, so this was a test. On the other hand, she is keen to widen her diet to include a whole range of foods, including pulses, beans, and yes, tofu. A few weeks ago she tried chickpea scramble and gave it the thumbs up. I can’t say she was ecstatic about the scrambled tofu, but it did get cautious approval. I am guessing if Octavia tweaked with the recipe she could work it into something she’d enjoy. She did think it could make a nice light lunch, and agreed when I said it was a good breakfast.

We ate in her garden. Not for the first time this year, but tonight was the first time we were warm and eating without wearing coats, and without the garden heater in use. I hope that’s the first of many such evenings, but not for a while. Octavia is going to be missing the next few weekends.

Stay safe. Keep well. Enjoy the warmer evenings.


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