The Coronavirus Diaries, 13th May 2021

Still the Coronavirus Diaries but we are visibly relaxing into what we hope will be a straight path into seeing friends, open shops, museums, galleries, pubs, theatres – everything. But this morning there was a warning about the Indian variant and its possible risks to that straight path. I am hoping it isn’t going to be a U-turn back to another lockdown.

I’ve been busy with work preparation and paperwork, and have spent large amounts of time in front of the computer on consecutive sunny days. Today it is cloudy with some drizzle, so being inside doesn’t feel so bad. I was going through some papers yesterday when the ‘phone rang. The hospital, wanting to book me in for a follow up appointment this Friday after my biopsy a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t like the sound of this. It seemed ominous, but the person who rang was unable to tell me any more. Over the years I have had various things dug out, excised is the correct word I believe, from my skin to check they are not malignant. The results have always come back negative, so I have been rather assuming this one would be too. Well tomorrow I shall find out. Fingers crossed.

After everyone else had moved on from Series 6 of Line of Duty I settled down to watch it. It was great. I haven’t seen Series 1-5 and I did not find the ending disappointing, as I had been led to expect, not least by the sofa reviewers on Gogglebox. It was a thoroughly satisfying experience. The acting is great, and Anna Maxwell Martin as the chillingly cold Carmichael (surely too keen to move investigations into corruption into the long grass to be completely innocent herself) is as magnificent as ever. Apparently there was an idiotic piece in one of the tabloids wondering how she can play characters as diverse as Carmichael in Line of Duty and Julia in Motherland. Duh. She’s an accomplished actress. I have never seen her turn in a bad performance. In White Girl, a nuanced and thought provoking BBC film aired some years ago, she was totally convincing. The writer of the tabloid piece needs to acquaint him or herself with more of Maxwell Martin’s work. It can count as research and will be eye-opening.

The Queen’s Speech at the State Opening of Parliament on Tuesday contained a number of alarming things this government intends to enact. The Times framed the restrictions as defending free speech in the universities. Well that’s a novel way of looking at it. Be sure, if this government – and can you really call something that attempts the task of governing so badly as government? – claims to be defending/protecting/being absolutely clear/ having nothing to hide etc the opposite is undoubtedly true. Doublethink rules. I find it sad that the sticky post at the top of the page continues to be so true, and horrifying that so many of my countrymen and women don’t seem to care.

I don’t usually post in the morning and my conscience is niggling me, so time to stop and get one with today’s work tasks.

Stay safe. Keep well.


2 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 13th May 2021

  1. Is it just me or is Anna Maxwell Martin the next iteration of Nicola Walker? We got our fingers crossed on your consultation Friday.

    • I don’t think so. I have been watching Anna Maxwell Martin in things for years, she’s not exactly new on the scene. She’s a very versatile actress.

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