The Coronavirus Diaries, 14th May 2021

When I was called to room ten and the staff member introduced herself as the skin oncology nurse my stomach did a little lurch. I have been doing a very good job of telling myself this appointment would be just to tell me everything was fine, or at worst that they wanted to check on it again in a while. Then I found out it might well have been, as the results only came through this morning.

So it was a melanoma. Not good, but not so bad either. It was in the early stages, they believe everything has been removed, but they will want to remove a larger area just in case. It sounded more inconvenient than anything else. The site is of course the same only bigger, so rest and minimal walking, certainly no cycling. I am going to be as fat as butter. More showering with clingfilm wrapped round my lower leg. Horrors. So I have just ordered one of those pricey limb protectors from Limbo. Is this a sign of a new direction in my retail habits? I remember when the attractions of Miss Selfridge palled in comparison to those of Blacks and Cotswold Outdoor, am I now going to be browsing the aisles of John Bell and Croyden on Wigmore Street or browsing surgical aids online when I want a shopping kicks?

My stomach did another little lurch when my lymph glands were checked, though when the doctor felt for the ones around my neck it felt like a head massage, and quite pleasant. Until that moment I had been thinking this was just an isolated spot, nothing to do with the rest of my body. And indeed that is I hope how it will turn out to be. The nurse explained it had been caught early, is classified by some letters and numbers I don’t remember, and is low risk. I’m booked in for the further excision on Wednesday morning, then it’s on for the second of my Covid jabs.

She sent me away with a wedge of info to read. I walked home, reflecting I might as well as walking is going to be curtailed again just as I have started getting back to it. I think what’s going on now is called processing. I don’t feel there’s any imminent danger, and apart from a largish scar, I’ll have a few six monthly checks which will cease if there’s no sign of anything else going on, but it’s a strange thought that cells in my body have turned against me. It feels wrong, like a betrayal, a fifth columnist lurking in my DNA.

I need to do some work, but I am distracted without really thinking about anything. I might go out and stock up on dressings (more fun retail) which I am certainly going to need. Ho hum.

Stay safe. Keep well. Check your skin.


12 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 14th May 2021

  1. Its unwelcome news but caught early and I trust all will go smoothly. Its a bummer having to give up long walks, although if you exercise the other leg, the affected leg will keep its strength better. So I recommend one-legged exercises. Wish you all the best.

    • After the initial dismay, it’s the inconvenience that is worrying me. Because of the site of the wound my movements will be restricted for some weeks. When will I get to das Boot?!

  2. Sounds like you are in the best position to be all things considered. A friend had a similar chunk removed from her leg and she’s doing just fine these days. I’ll be sending you the best thoughts for good days ahead.

    • Thanks Kathy. It should be a scar, then I hope no reoccurrences. I am very glad I made the initial appointment. The speed with which it has been addressed is impressive.

  3. Good luck!

    Something to cheer you up – you mentioned it in a recent post. Today’s the day. Coventry becomes the UK City of Culture. It was due to take the title on 1st Jan 2021, but that was delayed because of Covid lockdown.

    The last UK City of Culture was Hull, for the year 2017. We have a new one every four years. Hull railway station still has an enormous wall declaring Hull’s status as UK City of Culture. It needs an inserted word: former.

    • I was hoping to go to Coventry in a week or so, will now wait until everything has healed. I think you know I am working on a VT on the city. I’m on the City of Culture mailing list. I try not to buy t shirts these days, but I think I shall have to have a Coventry one!

    • Thanks. I am sure all will be well. The minor inconvenience of the next few weeks will soon fade and I shall just be left with a scar and a reminder to check my skin regularly.

  4. Both my husband and I are in the middle experiencing symptoms, tests being done, new problems being found when scans are read, more scans scheduled, appointments with specialists, more scans/bloodwork, appointments for new testing in 6 months. Our aging bodies have become a full-time job for us.

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