The Coronavirus Diaries, 21st May 2021

My vaccine reaction has, thank goodness, passed, just a slight headache when I first woke. My leg, though still sore, feels a bit better this evening, as though my body is putting the trauma behind it and concentrating on mending. Maybe that was what was going on this morning when it felt as though there was some sort of electrical show inspired by stinging nettles going on around the wound. Good or bad I didn’t know but it was somewhat alarming.

After some hesitation I called the number the oncology nurse had given me and left a message with the very helpful person who answered. An astonishingly short amount of time later I received a call back. The NHS is extraordinary. It’s continually run down by a government who would like to privatise it. NHS staff are overworked and underpaid, and yet the vast majority continues to work with dedication and professionalism. The nurse was approachable, a good listener and told me to call any time if worried or had questions. I felt not only reassured but somehow better.

The weather is helping me to accept my restricted mobility which is good as I have looming deadline and I am going to have get my skates on. I want it all ready with at least thirty six hours spare so I can review and edit. It’s a useful distraction from the leg, and the somewhat unsettling word cancer that floats across my mind periodically. I don’t think much further than the surgeon telling me I was lucky the melanoma had been found in the early stages. I started to read the info they gave me on the different stages of skin cancer, but at the moment, until I know I am clear, it is something I think can wait.

Celia brought me groceries I needed and then stayed for chat and a non-alcoholic beer. It was lovely. It seems like a lifetime since any visitors came here. MasterB was very pleased too and very sociable. I think tomorrow a bottle of red wine will be on my shopping list.

I am continuing to catch up with Line of Duty, now on series 3, and enjoying the evolution of Kate’s haircuts, wondering when Steve goes for the facial fungus, and Ted piles on the pounds. The violence is such that I have to leave the room periodically so focusing on sartorial matters helps to lighten things. I saw an episode or two of series 4 when I was at Cousin’s so I know the violence at the start of that series put me off watching any more once I came home. Maybe I’ll skip to series 5, or switch to Game of Thrones.

Stay safe. Keep well.


One thought on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 21st May 2021

  1. A person in your house – how very daring! I rode in a car with someone on Monday. Aren’t we feeling frisky. Good to hear you are recovering nicely.

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