The Coronavirus Diaries, 24th June 2021

It seems ages since I posted. Blogging is so last decade, or maybe that should be last century, but it does help to clear my head, to clarify what I’m thinking, what’s on my mind.

After a few days of cold turkey (surely there must be a vegan version of that?) from spiralised courgette and carrot I am back on it as of tonight. Is there a three step programme, and if there is, is it necessary? I do not understand how these two simple vegetables, spiralised and then mixed with spinach or lettuce, with olives and dressing, with butterbeans or chickpeas taste so good. Oh I forgot to add wholemeal bread or wholemeal pitta.

It’s been. busy week. Computer problems and then when computer up and running more hours in from t of it than I care to admit. There are days, quite a few days, when the memory of those simple times of pen and paper, books and buildings housing reference libraries seem enormously attractive.

Then my landline failed. Again. I worked at my laptop and exchanged messages with the supplier. there were moments where the two things became confused. It was all a bit surreal.

I feel as though I have barely strayed from my home address all week. Correct that. I have barely strayed from my home address all week, though a visit to Westminster cheered me when I saw a demo by a couple of people about our corrupt government. I only wish it got press coverage to cheer the many who do not get to travel through Parliament Square. Lots of passing drivers hooted their support.

I am however going to be further away from my home in less than a month than I have been for over a year. I have flights booked to and from Belfast. I shall be at Cousin’s for a whole two weeks. Imagine that. I should be able to walk dogs, see friends, catch up with family, maybe even Uncle Bill, visit the Ulster Museum, eat falafel at the nearby restaurant and sit in the Botanic Gardens, read.

A Line of Duty update, I have graduated to Series 4, but missing out the first episode which traumatised me when I saw it at Cousin’s. I’m doing ok at the moment and in no need of of psychological support. In fact I am rather hoping Cousin will be catching up on the series Time starring Sean Bean which I have not watched. She is fonder of detective dramas than I am and has introduced me to Vera , Saving Grace and maybe Life at the Château, which I admit has nothing to do with detectives, or if it has, I haven’t realised.

So, June draws to a close. Work is coming back. I am still thinking of moving. MasterB is adorable. Life is OK.

Stay safe. Keep well. Don’t take risks.


8 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 24th June 2021

  1. Thinking of you in London. A new outbreak here. I know …. Don’t get forget I live in Melbourne- the city with the longest lockdown. We’ve lived through 5k travel limit, curfew and not being able to have funerals (including for both my parents!)
    With only 2% of the Australian population fully vaccinated, it’s a worry. Don’t get me started on PM (beam me up) Scotty!

    Virtual Hugs. Stay safe and connected to those who love and affirm x

  2. Perhaps its the joy of summer veg and fruit more than the spirals of courgette that make everything so delightfully tasty. We are leaving our produce market with at least one of everything on offer these days. Looking forward to more tales from Ireland.

    • Maybe, but it is very tasty! I am also enjoying eating lettuce after months and months of baby spinach. I have even found some round lettuce. Wow.

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