The Coronavirus Diaries, 30th June 2021

Much to my surprise I have been dancing around the forecabin this evening.The sound system at das Boot is great, but I was barely able to lift myself off the cushions to eat a short while ago. Maybe it was the power of Nanci Griffith, or maybe the fact that after a day of rain and drizzle it’s approaching a fine evening. Maybe it was the power of curry. Maybe it was the adolescent swan who appeared at the rear of das Boot as I was preparing to head over to the shower. It was so excited when I hung my wet trousers on the grab rail it almost climbed aboard.

I didn’t have high expectations of dinner. I prepped a curry while it rained this morning, Fortunately there were chilli flakes and ground ginger in the cupboard because the amount of curry powder was less than meagre.But it was plate licking good. Yes I did lick the plate. And tomorrow I’ll have seconds. curry is always better a day or two later.For pudding I had soya yoghurt with mandarin oranges. A can that came from Mother’s so is at least a decade old.

I was glad I had prepped tonight’s meal as I was tired. I have spent most of the day cleaning. I would not say the boat is clean, but it is cleaner. I had a chat with Stuart and selling das Boot may be a reality. Obviously cleaning it is a precursor to a sale, as is clearing it of the various items I have accumulated here over the last decade. I started with the cat stuff, then tonight noticed two cat toys and a cat brush.

The cupboards are full and need to be streamlined.Old clothes I only wear here will go to the textile recycling or charity shops if they are good enough. The emergency toilet will probably find a home with festival goers or campers. But what about Mother’s casserole dishes? Can I bear to leave them here? Can I bear to put them in the charity shop? I think my car is going to be a temporary store cupboard.

Of course I may be jumping the gun. Maybe das Boot will not find a buyer. Maybe I’ll be bringing the cat tray and box of litter back on board. Maybe I’ll be dancing in the forecabin this time next year, who knows. If I sell I know I’ll remember evenings like this with affection, watching a crow fly by the boat, a cormorant drying its wings, bats, a kestrel, swifts, the cattle, MasterB gazing out at the night, the feeling of being in nature. It’s been a blast.

Stay safe. Keep well. Dance for life.


5 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 30th June 2021

  1. I am finding that my great memories (aided by thousands of e-photos) are what makes it possible to let go of things I have to give up, without bitterness, as I am aging.

    • Yes, I think that’s right. I still find it hard to give things away that have sentimental value, but I am learning slowly to part with some things.

      • I do it very slowly, deciding what one item I have the least attachment to. It is going very slowly – but I’m not moving so I guess I don’t have to be any hurry.

        • I have a full drawer I barely look at. So emptying that out, deciding what to keep what to let go is on my list. I suspect I’ll end up spending ages looking at each object, enjoying the memories and putting much of it back!

        • It does sound like a good plan. If they still bring enjoyment and trigger memories that make our heart smile – they are a keeper. And I bet your nephews will someday enjoy many of them.

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