The Coronavirus Diaries, 20th July 2021

One of the dogs has lots of stitches, the other has put on so much weight since I was here two years ago she looks like a sideboard. You could lay an array of dishes on her back, it’s now so broad.

It’s Westie Boy who has been in the wars. He feels very sorry for himself, but before you start feeling sorry for him too, it was all his fault. He rushed out of the garden a week ago to assault a large dog he has taken a dislike to and came off worst. Apparently the two dogs have been eyeing each other with some hostility for some time, but usually there’s a barrier between them. Westie Boy can’t currently wear a harness or a collar so no walking for him for the moment.

Poppy can walk, but given her increased weight, she is sadly out of condition, so although she Is full of enthusiasm she tires quite quickly even with walk entirely on the flat. I took her out twice last night when the day cooled down. I want a longer walk thoug, so I am going to have to work put a time when I go out alone and the day is not too hot. That last probably won’t be a problem in a few days, Northern Ireland is not renowned for its high temperatures.

I have been upgraded from what was Robin’s bedroom in the main house, to the extension next door built for Cousin’s Husband’s Mother when she could no longer live in her own home up the road. The last time I stayed in it was with my own mother some years ago. I feel very privileged. I have two bedrooms, a bathroom and a shower room, a kitchen, sitting room and utility area. In estate agent’s speak, it so very well appointed, with patio areas front and back where I can choose to sit in sun or shade, admire the flowers and have the company of said dogs and the two cats.

The airport was quiet, and about half the shop units were closed. Watching people get up to go to the gates when their flights were called it was clear the domestic flights the busiest. It as therefore unsurprising to find my flight was full. Fortunately it was also short and Cousin was waiting for me at the airport. My bag was one of the first onto the carousel and soon we were on the road home.

The weather is glorious, a few welcome degrees lower than London wIth a gentle breeze. I am sitting outside enjoying the flowers and the sunshine. Life is good.

Stay safe. Keep well. Wear your mask.


5 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 20th July 2021

    • She used to let it through the NI tourist board (4 stars) and might be persuaded to do so again
      if you are looking for a rural retreat with cats and dogs next time you cross the pond.

  1. Sounds blissful. Thank you for letting me have this vicarious experience. In need of this in another two week lockdown in Melbourne.
    Don’t get me wrong- I would rather be here than in London. The man with the rabid sheepdog’s brain and hair – light bulb idea to to give you all freedom (to contract COVID) is very scary. Along with prioritising money over public health, consideration of the development of long COVID illness and the possible consequences for children and young people’s well-being is irresponsible. Unfortunately they can’t vote!

    • I agree with you about
      Johnson. He is no leader, just a weak man with an over inflated opinion f himself, a sense of entitlement and a thirst for power.

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