The Coronavirus Diaries, 28th July 2021

I can’t say I am comforted by the news about the numbers of people contracting Covid in the U.K.. Right now it seems Northern Ireland has the highest number of cases per capita. That said, I feel very safe here in the country. The rain came as promised today. My shoes are not waterproof, so the dogs had to make do with a game of football in the garden. They are keener on possession than passing, so we had two footballs, two games really. Westie Boy became rather excited, maybe it was the joy of having had his stitches removed. He grabbed my jeans when I moved to play with Poppy, something he has never done before. We played until the next shower and then came in. The vet was impressed with the striped pyjamas Westie Boy is wearing to keep his healing wounds clean. She said he should continue wearing them. Right now he is asleep on a cushion beside me. I am not keen on dressing up cats and dogs, but I have to admit he looks very sweet, and he certainly isn’t bothered by them. Nor does he look like a dog who would actively ran after a bigger dog to pick a fight. Appearances can be deceptive.

Cousin decided I should have a fire, so she lit the wood burning stove, and for much of today I have been feeding it, then retreating to the sofa to watch yet another episode of Baptiste, a series Cousin has got me hooked on. I have the window open, but it’s all rather a contrast with the hot weather of just two days ago. Poppy’s walks have been going well, and Westie Boy has now been given leave to join us. But it was when I was with Poppy alone a few nights ago that I saw the badgers. There were three of them, playing in the driveway leading up to a neighbours house. I think they were probably young. I have looked for them each time I have passed the house since, but no sign.

Tomorrow I hope to see Fiona in the morning, take the dogs for a walk in the window between the showers that a forecast, and then meet up with another cousin. On Monday I saw Uncle Bill who is in great shape. He now lives with his older son, my cousin Alec, and his daughter-in-law Michele. The move suits him. He has always had a good relationship with Michèle, and unlike many in-laws she has welcomed him into her home, indeed encouraged the move. He is eating well, reading, enjoying the company of the two dogs, and the hens come to the glass door to check up on him frequently. The two dogs were found in a hedge with their mother and siblings when they were puppies. They have spent their lives together and I am fascinated by how they mirror each other’s positions as they sleep. The female is the brighter of the two, and more suspicious of visitors, whereas her brother grabs the nearest toy so he’s ready to greet the arrivals.

I’ll post a picture of them soon, but now we have visitors and I need to stop writing and be sociable.

Stay safe, Keep well. Enjoy the weather, whatever it is.


2 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 28th July 2021

  1. I am enjoying a lot your narratives about your stay in NI countryside!!!
    It sounds like you are having a comforting stay there with your “family and other animals” if I may quote!

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