The Coronavirus Diaries 16th September 2021

So onto, or I think that should be back to, the walk Celia and I took 4th September. It was a shorter walk, closer to home. Celia’s daughter and her family were staying. We had a window of five hours. I found a choice of walks locally. Celia picked the one which included One Tree Hill. After taking the bus, we started at Nunhead Cemetery which was enjoying an open day.

The cemetery was humming. The dead may have been pretty quiet, but there were stalls, animals from Surrey Docks City Farm, alternative Morris dancers who brought a goth vibe to the usual bell ringing and handkerchief waving. We walked by the memorial to the boys from our neighbourhood who drowned when they had been anticipating a holiday in Leysdown. There’s a not very good novel about it by Stella Duffy who also lives or lived locally.

It appeared Peckham Rye was also having a Day. Their’s featured dogs and a rather snazzy poster. As I have mentioned the Stella Duffy I’m going to remind you that there is a very good novel by Muriel Spark called The Ballad of Peckham Rye. It even mentions the Walworth Road, and has one of my all time favourite lines: There are classes within classes in Peckham. I read it years before I came to live in sunny south London. Does that mean anything? Probably not, though that sentence has stayed with me since I was a teenager.

Out of the cemetery and a tiny detour to stare at the house where my great grandmother lived with one of her married daughters. My father loathed his grandmother. He had to kiss her through her veil. She loved cats, so my father loathed them too.

We met a man walking a very pretty miniature Pinscher. the dog was called Moses, he was a rescue and came with a basket. I don’t know the man’s name. He told us he understood how the Duke of Edinburgh felt. I don’t know about Celia, but I felt I had missed something. Fortunately the man explained. If he draws level with Moses, the little dog is not amused. The man has to remain several steps behind. I have a not very good picture of Moses. We were on a very shady path. As you’ll see, One Tree Hill is a misleading name.

Not only are there more than one tree on One Tree Hill, there are also blackberries. We picked.

At the top of the hill we saw The Tree, aka the Tree of Honour, on a site where Elizabeth I is said to have rested when visiting someone in Lewisham. She is said also to have enjoyed the view. I am sure she loved the Shard.

Nearby there’s also a gun emplacement from the First World War.

And a beacon.


Back down the hill, more trees, then across to a green path where surprisingly there was an apple tree, the fruit unfortunately out of our reach, views of the pumping station, and then onto Peckham Rye which was buzzing with people and dogs. We made it home with fifteen minutes of our five hour window to spare. Result!

Stay safe. Keep well. Wear a mask on public transport and busy indoor spaces.

4 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries 16th September 2021

  1. What a lovely escapade! “Celia in the brambles” – the title alone makes me smile though Celia in the brambles is lovely to see.

  2. Your walks sounds a lovely mixture of social activity surroundings and nature enjoying.
    I specially love one of your pictures and its title: “Celia in the brambles”!!!

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