The Coronavirus Diaries, 30th September 2021

I had my winter ‘flu vaccination yesterday. I went to the local pharmacy to book an appointment and was fitted in then and there. By late evening my arm was sore and by this morning most of my upper arm was covered in an angry red rash. I felt, still feel, somewhat under the weather though probably by tomorrow I’ll be fine. Why my body should react so strongly to vaccinations I do not know.

Consequently it has been a rather lazy day. I have read a book, made some notes for a job I am doing in ten days, read emails and replied to them. I could quite happily go to bed now, but as it’s not yet five o’clock, I shall stay up a while longer. The day has been grey, windy, not cold enough to put the heating on, but cold enough to close windows and wear socks and a jumper. It’s soup weather. Soup and crusty bread, except I am deliberately buying boring bread as when I have good bread I keep eating it. Boring bread does not exercise the same appeal.

I had soup for lunch. I expect I’ll eat some left over red bean stew with new potatoes and some green veg in a couple of hours. It would be a good idea to start putting MasterB’s 2022 calendar together, and I could convince myself I was working while so doing. How many to print this year? Let me know if you want one, I am guess the price will be the same, or only a little higher, £8.50 plus p&p to wherever you are in the world. Just think, you could wake up to this little face every morning.

Picture Perfect

Stay safe. Keep well.

6 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 30th September 2021

  1. I am contemplating the vax special at the local pharmacy – a flu jab and a third Pfizer booster as a chaser. Should put me into bed for a day or two. Calendars! Whilst we eagerly await Celia Amongst the Blackberries, I’ll certainly take two of your very best Ginger Ninjas. Maybe three — thinking about the holiday gift giving. That photo is fab – I can feel the sink of cat into duvet.

    • Thanks. Celia among the blackberries may have to be the work of several years! I might manage a Celia not necessarily among blackberries calendar if that would suit. I appear to have been lax about taking photos of Himself in landscape mode. V annoying. Still, I think I have enough to choose from. Good luck with your double jabbing!

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