The Coronavirus Diaries, 20th October 2021

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback re private blogs and private posts.

WordPress’s guidance is a tad unclear, so I am going to experiment with posts requiring a password. I think it’s the same password for all password protected posts, that’s something that’s should become clear.

If you would like to be given the password, please leave a comment here. If you are one of those ‘silent’ readers who never comments who i don’t know, that will i’m afraid exclude you.

20 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 20th October 2021

  1. Dear Isobel, it feels like the end of an era, as I fear I fall into the category of “silent”. If this is a parting of the ways, may I just say that since you started this blog so many years ago, I have read everything to you written with interest and great enjoyment. I’ll miss hearing about you and Cat. With kind regards, Ara.

  2. Late to the party as always (these dang time zones) I can confirm that I saw the notice of a new private post that required a password. And not having a password, I couldn’t get in. I’d like to have a password, please.

        • You should have received three emails. Ignore the first two! The third has the correct password.
          My apologies to everyone… Mea Culpa. I’m sure there must be an emoji for ’embarrassed’ but I don’t know what it is. I am eating at Octavia’s in a minute, so I shall check back later.

  3. yes please Isobel. I know i’m a slack commenter…but your posts have filled my lockdown days with great joy! Its the end of our latest lockdown at 11.59 tonight (in 1hr 50mins!) but I shall still enjoy yours & MasterB’s blog. From another ginger cat family in melbourne,

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