The Coronavirus Diaries, 2nd December 2021

My work took me out into the cold of the day. I didn’t make any money, today was prep, taking photographs, making the most of the blue skies. Rain is forecast tomorrow. I walked between Park Lane and Bayswater, traversing Hyde Park. London is rich in parks, and although I have visited Hyde Park many times, I can’t truly say I know it. It is vast. I walked through bits I knew, then bits I didn’t recognise to more bits I knew. It was lovely.

After Bayswater it was back through the park to Belgravia, a part of London I don’t like much. It’s all big white houses which look alike to me. A bit of luck as I left the park, the Horseguards, Lifeguards in their red, were making their way back to their barracks and stables. These are sights I missed during lockdown. The daily panoply of pomp with beautiful beautiful horses.

Belgravia is a housing estate on a grand scale. I can’t see much neighbourly popping in for drinks and nibbles there over Christmas. At least not drinks and nibbles served by the neighbours. They would have staff to do that. Round the back of Buckingham Palace with its Keep Out walls and wire defences. The Queen’s Gallery Shop was open. There are vast amounts of Corgi themed merchandise. I liked the pyjamas, but at £225 per pair they were rather out of my price bracket.

Then onto the Mall bathed in sunshine. A woman was walking behind me talking to someone on her ‘phone. Every other word was fuck. She didn’t sound very happy. Visitors were taking selfies in front of the palace. Green Park beckoned but I resisted. I needed my lunch. So then it was a quick detour by Carlton House Terrace, a nod to the statue of General de Gaulle, I find it hard to believe he died in 1970, and I caught the bus home from Trafalgar Square. The tree from Norway has evidently managed to escape being stuck in a container somewhere and stands in the square between and behind the fountains. I must go back after dark to see it lit up.

Lunch was quick too satisfy my rumbling tum, but tonight I took more time to make a Green Curry no Thai would recognise but which tasted wonderful. I made a lot, so there’s a portion for Celia and another portion for me. Charlie doesn’t do spicy.

I still have some work to do before bed, so I shall stop here and let you decide which corgi themed present you are going to add to your Christmas list.

Stay safe. Keep well. Get vaccinated.

9 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 2nd December 2021

  1. No corgis thank you. I enjoyed walking in the sunshine with Charlie to our local park, but agree that it was cold. Five layers in all kept it out, plus snood, hat and gloves. Our first stop was for a PCR test in the car park, on instruction from Test and Trace, as we spent three days in Brighton last week with our grandson, who now has Covid, Then a sheltered coffee outside the cafe. Charlie headed for home, while I did a couple of turns round the lakes with my binoculars, looking at the cormorants fishing and drying their wings in the wind, and the heron hunkered down in the reeds. Plenty of other water birds too, but it’s the cormorants and heron that grab my attention. Then home to a welcome warming cooking smell as I opened the door, and the tasty vegetable soup that Charlie had made for lunch.
    Look forward to my Thai green curry too – thank you,

    • You’ll mean I’ll have to take it back!?
      Only joking, you are not getting a corgi themed present from me. I have your curry in a container you lent me, and I also have your nut roast mix. I can bring them to you tomorrow. When do you expect your test results?

      • Your walk sounds lovely!
        It’s good news that big cities, like London, hide between their buildings, small nature reserves for animals and people to enjoy.
        It’s so soothing…!

        • London is around 50% green, so we have a fair few spaces to enjoy. I still prefer a walk in solid countryside, but at this time of year, with the days so short, it’s great to be able to do a walk around different areas of London which take us through woodland and along sometimes muddy paths!

  2. I was about to comment on the poor quality of the Queen’s plush corgis but upon a little research it would appear that good looking plush corgis are hard to come by. Unlike the extremely handsome Plague Rats that were once available at the Globe and the Museum of London and have thoroughly infested our house. I hope this walk you took will bring us virtual rewards.

    • I rather like them! But they are very expensive for what they are.
      Yes, yesterday was the start of a new project which I hope sees the light of day before too long.

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