The Coronavirus Diaries, 11th February 2022, parallel worlds

We’ve been living in strange times for quite a while now, but right now some things in the UK are really off the wall. We have a public school educated, billionaire chancellor who is in real terms cutting the poorest and most vulnerable families incomes so that hypothermia, starvation or a combination of the two may be their fate, and he doesn’t seem to think that more than just expressing passing sorrow for the hardship of their lives he needs to do anything. Lack of imagination, callousness, just another example of how many of us are simply expendable.He is also a front runner to take over when finally, if ever, Boris Johnson, is ousted from 10 Downing Street. The current leading alternative is Liz Truss. I can’t even bring myself to describe Liz Truss. He own party nicknamed her the human hand grenade.

Maybe it was looking at these two front runners which inspired someone, and I’m afraid I was too gobsmacked by the message to take in who it was, a politician, someone at number 10, I don’t know, to say that the Met had better think very carefully before fining the Prime Minister for breaking Covid rules on the grounds it might destabilise the country. WTF? In what parallel universe is it morally ok for a Prime Minister to break the rules over and over again he has himself set, and walk away unscathed while someone sitting on a park bench to eat a sandwich when those same rules applied to be fined?

BoJo has been destabilising the country with no care for anyone but himself these six last years. Actually longer. He contributed to skewed opinions about the EU long before the 2016 referendum by writing complete lies about EU regulations . As Mayor of London he took the credit for things that had been worked for by his predecessor, and promoted a garden bridge and various other costly (and eventually doomed) projects which he wanted to be his legacy. In the run up to the referendum he just lied. Don’t be surprised. Lying is what BoJo does. Now someone wants to make the Met feel it should let him off the hook for a disaster entirely of his own making. It’s obscene.

I spent some time at the Imperial war Museum today at the Holocaust exhibition. The parallels with today’s politics were chilling. Politicians seeking office for power and personal gain. The exhibition features many stories of individuals murdered by the Nazis. There are photographs, letters, toys. So many lives lost, so many futures stolen in pursuit of ideologies, greed and hate. Refugees, desperate for escape and sanctuary being refused entry by country after country. Vilified, dehumanised, betrayed. We see the same happening today. The rhetoric from Priti Patel and the Home Office denies today’s refugees their humanity and their dignity, and seeks to make the rest of us see them as enemies, parasites, unworthy of our respect and help.

So let the Met fine Boris Johnson. Let him face the consequences of his actions. Let the MPs of his party remove him from office. As a country we may not deserve better but we surely need better. But we shan’t get it until more people wake up and refuse to accept these self-serving, self-righteous politicians who are only in it for what they can gain for themselves with no concern for the country.


9 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 11th February 2022, parallel worlds

    • Not only the government, the relationship between government and police. One of the things that really struck me at the Holocaust exhibition was how the third Reich did not believe the judiciary should be impartial. Exactly the same route being taken by this government.

    • She is right on the money with this one. Now I see people are framing Sadiq Khan’s criticism of Cressida Dick as an attempt to raise his standing. Like many I was pleased when a woman was made head of the Met, but she has been consistently disappointing. As the mother of two young women murdered says, Dick was more interested in protecting the brand than reforming it.

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