The Coronavirus Diaries, 15th July 2022, How Low (or High) Can You Go?

Yup, back to the Coronavirus Diaries again, as numbers are again rising here in the UK, and quite how high they may go before there’s any reaction from government remains to be seen. Personally I’m not betting on any reaction at all. As far as this lot is concerned the pandemic is over. People falling sick, people being admitted to hospital, people dying but politically this is yesterday’s news. The current focus is on who will be the new leader of the Conservative party, and, heaven help us, our new Prime Minister. So you might think the how low can you go part of the title of this blog refers to the less than inspiring, and actually frankly terrifying possibilities. There was a televised debate between the prospective candidates following the news on Channel 4 tonight. For a few minutes I thought I might watch.

From the kitchen I heard Krishnan Guru Murthy giving a brief run down of each of the candidates. I walked back into the living room as the first question was asked and managed a whole half minute of Liz Truss’ garbled opening sentence before reaching for the off button. We are doomed. When people said there was no one better in the Tory party to take over from the Liar in Chief I didn’t believe them. Sadly it seems they are right. Read Marina Hyde and John Crace in the Guardian for an idea, or if you have the stomach, watch the candidates’ videos as they pitch for the job. In other fields employers would readvertise, hoping for a better response. Maybe in the Conservative party they know that would be futile.

But how low can you go refers to the temperature dial on the shower. Mine is now set in the blue zone and it still feels too warm, and the last couple of days have been lovely, perfect weather mid 20sC, a slight breeze, cloudless skies and sunshine. However temperatures and probably tempers are due to rise with a staggering 40C forecast. some of you may be shrugging, thinking that’s no big deal, but remember this is a country which has traditionally had a temperate climate. Our houses, our cities, our transport , our lives are planned with that temperate climate in mind. So when climate crisis throws us extreme weather we are ill equipped to deal with it.

I live on the top floor. Heat rises. Great in winter when I benefit from neighbours’ central heating, less welcome right now. Luckily I have shutters so I can close them against the day’s heat, angle them at night so any breeze refreshes my sleep. But this summer’s great find has been MasterB’s Coolmat, purchased at the Salvation Army shop. It has gel in it which reacts to pressure by being cool. I have used it in his travel basket, and got it out the other day for him. He ignored it. I stood on it and felt delicious coolness on the soles of my feet. So when he continued to ignore it I sat on it. That was when he decide he wanted to sit on it too. But at night he again ignored it, so I thought, well if you aren’t going to sleep on it I shall. Result. I was so cool I had to pull the covers over myself. I have now ordered two more online. One for me, for for Celia. I see they make them for Labradors too, but I can’t see a human cooling mat advertised anyway. I am looking enviously at low temperatures and rain (rain!) in Co Derry. I hope this weather isn’t following me there next month.

Sleep well.


5 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 15th July 2022, How Low (or High) Can You Go?

  1. It’s been terribly hot here for 2 weeks-triple digits. But it could be worse. We used to live in Dallas, and they’re having 112-113 degree F weather. Plus, they’re more congested. But daily around 1-2pm I take my birds electrolytes, chicken ice cream or frozen treats, and frozen water bottles for their water so no one gets heat stroke. I just hope and pray the heat doesn’t last all summer long.

    • I struggle with Fahrenheit despite it being what I knows a child. I know 61F is 16c and 82F is 28C so am guessing in triple gifts would make it the 40Cs which not be my idea of comfortable. we are at 31C today, three degrees lower than was forecast, while tomorrow and Tuesday the forecast is for 39C. MasterB is sleeping but surprises me with bursts of energetic play, and racing around the flat. He also surprised me when he didn’t want to go out last night. Maybe it was because Romeo had him trapped under a car the night before.

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