The Coronavirus Diaries, 17th July 2022, Heatwave

The UK Health Security Agency has increased its heat health warning from three to four, a level described as a national emergency. So what do you do when the country is put on amber alert, rising in the next days to red for the first time as temperatures continue to pass what we think of as normal? Obviously we will all have different priorities and strategies. Imagine you are Prime Minster and there’s a Cobra meeting to discuss this emergency but you have already planned a party at the grace and favour home you are still entitled to use for the next couple of months. What choice do you make as leader? I hope most Prime Ministers would issue apologies to the guests, and do what they are paid to do. This is not the choice the Liar in Chief has opted for. Not surprising, but still somehow shocking.

Meanwhile some of the hopefuls, or probably more accurately hopeless, in the contest to be the new leader of the Conservatives are prevaricating about the commitment to achieve net zero by 2050. I suspect they will not be prevaricating about their commitment to curb immigration, somehow conveniently ignoring the fact that as parts of the world become unsustainable due to climate crisis a surge in immigration is inevitable. If they really wanted to curb immigration and not just pander to the Little Englanders they would be ardently committed to net zero before 2050, and looking at ways to alleviate climate crisis globally. We are all linked, all equally responsible, equally damned.

I am indoors. I have been outside briefly three times to feed the garden cats, put the contents of my green kitchen bin into the compost, and to exchange my laptop charger for a new one Ahmad promised me. I’ll feed the cats again later, water the plants, and I am having dinner at Olivia’s so that means at last three more sorties. My flat is relatively cool thanks to the shutters I had installed around eleven years ago to stop an intrepid MasterB sitting on the outside window sills and jumping up onto the roof when I opened my windows. They were expensive, and I thought long and hard about them. Now I love them.

I also have MasterB’s cool mat which I am sitting on this minute. He left it to sleep under the bed so I am not depriving him. My glass of water is beside me, with the bottle close at hand for refills. Once temperatures surpass the mid 20Cs I find the city a difficult place. It’s ok to be by the sea with cooling swims, or in my case floats, to cool down. But the noise of the city seems to add to the heat, and traffic fumes definitely do. That said, all seems very quiet here this afternoon. There’s a murmur of voices on the street, louder voices of neighbours in the in back garden where they have installed a gazebo. My sun worshipping downstairs neighbour has spent most of the day on a sun lounger in full sun. I honestly don’t know how she does it. My oncologist would be having a fit. I say my oncologist, but I got the all clear last week so I have been signed off and I hope that’s the last brush I have with cancers of any hue.

I’ve pottered in the kitchen, made hummus with chick peas I cooked yesterday, and roasted aubergines and peppers to have for lunch with salad. I am going to download photos, do some paperwork and then tackle Waffle and read my book.

Stay cool. Apply sunscreen. Admit nothing.


4 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 17th July 2022, Heatwave

  1. So please to hear about your all clear results! Stay cool it’s just hit 31 degrees C here in our Worcestershire garden….our neighbour too is sunbathing!

    • 30C in the shade here. I don’t have the patience or the skin for sunbathing. Even after a month in Greece I return home milk white, though my hair used to go very blond! .

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