The Coronavirus Diaries, 23rd September 2022: Positive

Well it finally happened. After two and a half years of resisting COVID I finally succumbed. Wednesday’s head cold symptoms turned out to be something else. I had lots of vivid dreams on Wednesday night which is something that often happens when I am running a temperature. This time the Queen’s funeral cortege featured strongly. It was quite exhausting even asleep and clarified for me how the choreography of the funeral was excessive.

So yesterday morning, feeling a little shaky, and having to blow my nose almost constantly, it was time for a lateral flow test while MasterB tucked into his breakfast. A second red line appeared with almost startling rapidity. I called work to say I would not be able to do the job I’d been booked for in the afternoon.

Lola still needed feeding, but I wasn’t sure how A&M would feel about me being in their flat. Celia, masked up, met me there so I could show her the drill. I texted A&M with my news. They were both sympathetic and fine about me being there, so I have been dividing my time between two cats and two sofas. Celia fed Lola this morning, so I stayed in bed. Then, after I had showered and MasterB had gone back to bed, I came round to give the girl some company and clear her litter tray. She’s sitting on my knee now. This is a cat who loves people.

I need to sort out the photos for the Ginger Ninja 2023 calendar, but other than that, I am doing very little. I have my book; Lola and watched An Extra Slice last night; MasterB and I have spent quality time together. Yesterday my worst symptom was a headache which fortunately was eased by paracetamol. Today I am blowing my nose every few minutes and not feeling very energetic. But on the whole it’s not bad. Having to cancel work has made the cat care easier and more enjoyable, and the cats are making COVID more bearable.

Celia has brought me fruit and veg, cooked supper for me and done my shopping. B&J have also offered their support. If I don’t feel any worse than I do now I shall count myself fortunate.

12 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 23rd September 2022: Positive

    • Thanks Graham. So far not too bad, a very runny nose which is quite irritating. I don’t know about fighting, but it will be nice to regain the right to roam!

  1. Wishing you better soon, Isobel. Fortunately it doesn’t sound like a bad dose, so hopefully no long Covid. Take care. 💐😷🤗

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