The Coronavirus Diaries, 28th September 2022: Thin Pink Line

I tested after lunch. The control line came up quite quickly, then nothing. After five minutes I scrutinised it again. Still nothing. I shone a torch on it to check there was no thin pink line I had missed. Nothing. My spirits were on the rise. The world started to look a shinier place, even shinier than it had a little while earlier when I received a message from Celia saying she had managed to get me a marrow. The timer pinged to say fifteen minutes had passed. I looked at the cassette again. And there it was, that skinny little paler than pale pink line that said I still have COVID. Maybe tomorrow. I have started to get messages about work next week. I can’t make the commitment until I get the all clear. It’s like having one foot nailed to the floor. Even more important is that MasterB has his annual vet screening and vaccination boosters booked for Tuesday. Getting an appointment with a vet is not easy. So many people got pets during lockdown that vets are overloaded, many quitting as they are burned out.

I know the media has been saying we have been in deep mourning for ERII, but really I haven’t been. It was a shock, but not exactly unexpected. As Celia put it, she was very old. It was like having to rearrange a picture on wallpaper that has been hanging somewhere almost out of sight all my life. I am not a fan of royalty. Their photographs on the covers of magazines do not entice me to buy. But reading of Hilary Mantel’s death last week made me gasp. No, I said. The news must be wrong. She couldn’t be dead. She had so many more novels to write, poems to pen, incisive essays to give us. So this death made me scour the newspapers over the next few days for every piece written about her. If I didn’t have COVID I’d be doing click and collect for The Wolf Hall Picture Book she, Ben and George Miles put together. George’s photographs influenced scenes in the final book of the Cromwell trilogy, and scenes of the two brothers – Ben played Cromwell in the stage versions of the books – with Mantel shows her glee and delight in what they were doing. She was a great writer, one who will be read for years to come. Her death is a loss to us all whether we read or not, for to have someone in the world who wrote so well and so perceptively contributes to all human understanding.

One more day cat sitting for Lola then A&M return. I spent time with her this morning. She was very affectionate, very purry. Did not want me to leave. Had I not been hungry I may have stayed a while longer. I’ll go back to her this evening, watch some tv with her or just sit with her on my lap and try to read my book. I try to time these sessions with her for when MasterB is asleep or outside. Lovely though Lola is, MasterB is still my Number One Cat.

Stay well.

13 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 28th September 2022: Thin Pink Line

  1. Sorry about your test result, but hopefully next time will be better 😊.
    I know what you mean about veterinarians being busy with covid pets. I’m thankful we had a vet for our pets already.

    • I’ll test again tomorrow 🤞We’ll be at the vet practice I’ve been going to for years, but the head vet has retired and we are seeing someone I’ve never heard of. Head Vet loved MasterB. His photograph has adorned the vet van and been above the door for eleven years. I suspect that will now change.

      • Aww poor masterB. Our vet doesn’t particularly like cats, but after a few visits with Itty, he’s come around to seeing that she’s a sweet kitty. I’m sure he’s been clawed a few times. And it helps her that I’m with her.

        • My previous cat, the one who was Cat on this blog and in the title, real name Freddy the Gorgeous Boy, was also loved by the vet. This despite the fact he did not return her regard. It would take the vet, the vet nurse, me and a bath towel to get the worming tablets inside him…

  2. just happened to stop by, Isobel. Not sure if you remember me, but up until four years ago I used to blog here at WordPress under the moniker pix & kardz. I reposted something from Instagram recently and I saw you on my reader. Sorry about your pink line. May it finally leave and not return! Am always surprised by how many people are getting Covid. Do take care.

    • Of course I remember you Kris! How nice to hear from you. There’s an autumn spike here in COVID numbers. It was anticipated. After two and half years not getting it it was an unwelcome turn of events when I finally succumbed!

  3. Trust you are doing better. I actually have some sad news. You may remember Timmy, my ginger and white rescue who moved in on January 26, 2013 at age 6.5. I had to say farewell to him just over a month ago, on August 31. Miss him, although I am beginning to get used to his funny personality not being here anymore. I mostly post on Instagram these days, but I did repost his farewell on my blog for those who might still remember him. Anyhow, hope you and your little boy take care!

    • I am very sorry to hear Timmy has died. It was evident from your posts you loved him very much. It is never easy when they die. They are so close to us, so much a part of our lives, so dear. You must miss him terribly. I adopted Bo’sun a month after Freddy died. I thought it was too soon, but it has worked out very well. He didn’t;t really want me and I didn’t really want him, but we were a port in a storm for each of us, and it has turned out to be wonderful. He is a very sweet cat, and I love him to bits..

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