The Coronavirus Diaries, 26th January 2023, Domestic Incident

I know I’ve said it before, so honestly you’d think I’d learn, but the longer the time between posts the more you have to write and the harder it becomes, because, I really don’t want to sit down thinking I am going to be typing for hours, and also I have forgotten half of what has happened anyway, or it’s now irrelevant.

So I’ll start with this morning’s drama and see where it goes, though I am popping round to Helena’s shortly then cooking, and it’s The Dog House tonight, so there may be quite a long hiatus or a very short post. I was working this afternoon so this morning was crossing out things on my To Do List. I failed on the pomegranates, there were none for sale on the stall I patronise though I did get some very nice leeks. I love leeks and they are currently plentiful. I understand there’s an onion shortage in the Philippines so I expect that’s the next thing we’ll be looking at and saying How much? in aghast tones. Dijon mustard ( a must in this flat) has doubled in price. If only I’d known I’ve had bought in bulk. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I got leafy greens and bleach in Morrison’s. Both have regularly been out of stock over the last few months so I was rather pleased.

At home, I met Tessa who was just off to work. MasterB appeared at once to wind himself around her legs. They are pretty well bonded – MasterB and Tessa that is, not her legs. We chatted on the landing for a bit, then she went off and I took my shopping inside. As I lifted the bleach bottle the lid fell off (it’s childproof so must have been loosened in the shop) and bleach splashed over the carpet and onto my face. I shooed MasterB out of the way, rushed into the bathroom – thank goodness for small flats – splashed water over my face and soaked a cloth in more water. I rubbed rigorously at the bleach, went back, rinse, repeat times 5? 6? 7? I don’t know. All I wanted to do was dilute the bleach before it could do any damage. In passing I noted how much cat fur was adhering to the cloth. A lot. I vacuumed yesterday. Note to self, rub damp cloth over newly vacuumed carpet. I really didn’t know if I had done enough but I too had to get to work. So I left MasterB in charge of a very damp carpet, went out, put on my shoes, realised my socks had also been splashed by bleach and the pink bag in which I had carried it home was now white in places. Neither the shop assistant nor I had noticed the cap was loose. What are the chances?

The carpet is still damp, but when I came home I was pleasantly surprised not to see islands bleached of colour. I am hoping it’s the same story in the morning. I contacted Morrison’s to say what had happened. So far no reaction. Ok, I don’t want a carpet with bleached patches and if I have one it’s annoying and potentially costly, but not life threatening, the bleach did not go into my eye, so I didn’t have to rush to A&E, MasterB consented to leave the scene. But what if a child had been splashed? What if an elderly (or at least more elderly than me) person had picked up this bottle? Or someone who could not respond as quickly as I had with the cold water treatment? This could have been a serious incident. It’s occurred to me since that the bleach is kept on a low shelf in the supermarket. Given its qualities, wouldn’t it be wiser to have it out of reach of children.

Work was fine but cold. There was rain which hadn’t been forecast. I got wet feet. I never like having wet feet unless it’s in the shower/bath/swimming pool/at the seaside. Cold wet feet trapped in shoes for a couple of hours or more is really not my idea of ok, let alone fun. But the people were nice. We saw Jacob Rees-Mogg leave his house and walk down the street. I said nothing, but was relieved their opinion of him was as negative as mine. It’s nice to know the people you are with do not share his repugnant views. I could write quite a lot about J R-M, his posed persona, the way he has deliberately created a character to cloak his essentially mediocre self and make himself noticed. Maybe another day.

Helena has texted. I am going out.

Have fun.


6 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 26th January 2023, Domestic Incident

    • Yes, it’s the what ifs that are frightening. This one has a childproof/Sallyproof top too so I can only imagine for some reason someone had opened it in the shop. But why?

  1. Gosh – thank goodness you’re okay. Those caps are usually an effort to get off so I’m really surprised. Could have been nasty. Morrisons should grovel and give you a year’s supply – or a generous treat.

    • Yes. A mystery. Morrison’s has now contacted me. Sounds like I shall be getting a call. Maybe not flowers or a year’s supply of groceries though…

  2. Morning Isobel. Glad you and Master B weren’t harmed in the bleach incident and the carpet seems to have escaped damage due to your immediate and diligent reaction. I hope Morrisons respond as I suspect some nutty mischief-maker deliberately loosened the cap of your bottle. They are usually so secure that some are almost impossible to open!
    Talking shortages, I attempted to buy a trowel at a garden centre yesterday but no, they haven’t had stock for weeks now and no idea when the trowels might arrive. So the Great Trowel Shortage has slipped under the wire of the national press! Understandably maybe 😊

    • Thanks Jan. Yes, so far so good. The carpet is still damp in places – I used a lot of water – but seems to have retained its colour. I am so relieved and surprised. I had already been thinking I might tile the hall (which is a very grand word for the small space) if the carpet had to go. Morrison’s acknowledged my message. Damion was in touch. He wanted to know which branch. He implied he will be back in contact.
      Another missed shortage is small watering cans for indoor plants. There are designer ones readily available at high prices, but I have looked high and low for a basic one.
      My biggest regret is the absence of Vegenaise from our shelves which is the best mayonnaise I have ever bought.

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