Blue Crocs and Pannier

I love my Crocs. I have two pairs: pale blue and bright green. I prefer comfort to elegance, and although for proper support and cooler days my lace up Fitflops are my first choice, barefeet and Crocs are natural partners. Mine are getting old and smooth. I wasn’t actually sure they still made them, but I saw some in a shop window today.
Blue Crocs and Bare Feet[/caption]
Anyway, I wasn’t really thinking when I slipped them on yesterday afternoon. My mind was more on my new bike pannier which was about to have its first outing. It was only when I had unlocked the bike, got my helmet and gloves on and the pannier attached, that I realised what I was wearing.
Lots of people cycle in Crocs. I’ve seen them. But I never have. I prefer a snugger fit when my feet are on the pedals. Still, my journey was a short one, and I didn’t want to have to go back indoors, so I set off. Continue reading


I hope to post later, but there’s no time now.
However, I shall share my favourite conversation of the day.
London Lady to American Lady:
What do you think of Obama?
American Lady:

Vicarious Cycling

OK, I’m going to admit it. I have broken my pledge to cycle every day in April. It has been too darned wet for this fair weather cyclist.

The Bike Less Ridden

But I have spent time on Wiggle, looking at expensive bikes I shall never buy. I am thinking about a basket for my bike and have looked at lots, and even bid for one on eBay. I didn’t get it. I have bought a cover for my cycle helmet so when I do ride in the rain, the water won’t come through the slits and drip down my neck or into my eyes.

It isn’t so much the getting wet I mind, though dripping through a day at work is obviously far from ideal. It’s the puddles of unknown depth and hidden dangers that spool out from blocked drains; the soaking by joyful and mindless drivers who surge through those same puddles, throwing enough water into the air to fill a bath; the pedestrians who step out wielding umbrellas like sabres and who run murderously into my path.

So, I’ve settled for cycling vicariously. I am reading Andrew Sykes book Good Vibrations: Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie. I bought the Kindle version. Now I have my smartphone, I’ve downloaded the Kindle app, which makes for handy reading in the bus.
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Victoria Wood, National Treasure

I’ve just finished watching a programme from quite a few years ago about Victoria Wood. Laughed my socks off.
What talent. What humanity. The Acorn Antiques excerpts had me crying with laughter.
The programme finished with this VW classic:
As someone tweeted earlier, why isn’t Victoria wood a DBE? She is such a national treasure she ought to be in the Tower.
Sweet dreams.

Hey Cat Lovers

Need to smile? There’s a new cat on the block. Move over Simon’s Cat and Maru. Make way for Pedro!
I was lucky that this blogger ‘liked’ one of my posts and when I checked his page I laughed and laughed.
Hope you do too.

This is from the about section:

I am Pedro, and I am a cat. It has recently come to my attention that there are endless opportunities for an enterprising cat with even minimal talent. Since my human is obviously an underachiever, I’ve taken my career into my own paws. And this is just the beginning…
If this link doesn’t work, you can find it again on my Sites I like list.