New Year, New Mosaic

Another in my postcard series. I need to finish around the edges, maybe using copper ribbon, or more likely painting it. There are a few, very small gaps. I may fill them with tiny shards. Originally I had being going to grout, but then decided against that. The ceramic pieces were given to me by London Potter, Barbara Wakefield.

Sea Shanty


Official: Mosaics Make You Hungry

Three Quarters Done

I may not be keeping up with NaNoWriMo, but this mosaic is on track to be finished by Christmas. It’s intended as a gift, and not in my usual style. I am far happier when working on something like the Autumn piece that I hope has safely reached Maria in Barcelona. For me, that’s my art, whereas this is craft and I am less absorbed in it, more detached.

So maybe that is why I was susceptible to the food conversation earlier than usual tonight. Continue reading


Home from mosaics and quite pleased with progress on my current piece which I hope to have ready as an anniversary present for some friends to put on their garden wall. They are very good about keeping bits of broken china for me, so I feel it’s more than time that I repaid them for their thoughtfulness.

Not Cat is having a bit of outdoor freedom, though I am hoping he won’t continue to increase his radius around the flat. I am consistently finding him in the Square rather than the garden when I get him in at night.

I’ve had a snack, read some emails, looked at a few new posts, replied to some comments, and ended up looking at photos.

These two caught my eye tonight.

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A Smashing Obsession

These are just a few of the mosaics I’ve made. I’ve used direct and indirect methods, in one case both on one mosaic, broken china, smalti, vitreous tiles, found objects and marble. Some are grouted. some are not. Some have tile adhesive. Some have PVA. Some are on concrete, others on MDF and one is on a slate tile.
Some mosaics I’ve given away, some I’ve sold, some I’ve kept.
Some are large. Some are small.
I love the infinite variety of things you can do with mosaics. How one piece gives you the suggestion for the whole piece you want to create.
I tend to the abstract, though I have made figurative pieces.
It’s slow art. You have to give it time.
In this fast moving world, it’s satisfying and, for me, addictive. Continue reading

Mirror, Mirror

I have finally almost finished the mirror mosaic I was commissioned to do.

I was very uninspired at first, but once I let go of worrying that the person for whom it had been commissioned would not like what I did, I started to be more engaged with it.

It’s for the friend of a friend. She had a ceramic lamp base that she loved. She broke it once and stuck it back together. Then she broke it again.

With most of my mosaics the pieces are so close together that I seldom use grout. This time there was the worry that the space around the mirror was too great for the amount of ceramic. So I had to leave much more room between pieces than usual and try to imagine what effect the grout would have.

I’ve ended up enjoying the process, and want to try something similar again. It’s nice to be commissioned, but more relaxing to do things just because you want to.


Just home from the first mosaics class of the term. It was well subscribed which is great news, as any class that dips below the required numbers gets axed, such are the economic demands these days.

Most of us were returners. Quite a few of us have been signing up, term after term, for several years. A couple of the new people had been taught by the same teacher in a different college. I had a good chat with a man who comes from Sicily and who had been on holiday in the Puglia, visiting Lecce, where I have a good friend, last year. We admired each other’s work.

It took a few minutes to get into the swing and get sorted with goggles, PVA and tile nippers. It was great to see the familiar faces and half the evening was spent laughing. I got to practise my Kiwi accent as I was sitting next to Nadia. Though she said I sounded very Australian. My favourite word, which could be my mantra, was eeg. I enjoyed muttering it under my breath for several minutes, then trying it in phrases. Eeg and chips. Boiled eeg. Continue reading