And the Results Are

So the results: one, 1 vote; two, 5 votes; three, 2 votes; four, 7 votes; five, 2 votes; six, 2 votes; seven, 4 votes; eight, 4 votes; nine, 2 votes; ten, 5 votes; eleven, 2 votes; twelve, 7 votes; thirteen, 2 votes; fourteen, 1 vote; fifteen, 2 votes; sixteen, 6 votes; seventeen, 6 votes; eighteen, 1 vote; nineteen, 3 votes; twenty, 6 votes; twenty-one, 2 votes; twenty- two, 2 votes; twenty-three, 3 votes; twenty- four, 0 votes.
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Of Autumn, Photographs, Neighbours, and Calendars

Despite my little rant yesterday, I think I’m in for a run of MasterB posts. Autumn sunshine, the 2013 calendar in mind, and the beauty of MasterB have combined to make me grab my camera and click away.
First up, some pictures in the garden yesterday when MasterB was playing. I had taken a toy of his outside. He had been playing with it on the stairs and it was by the front door leading into the street.


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Calendar Possibilities

Last week was pretty stressful, and I hoped that was the worst of it, but today has been up there on the Richter scale as well, at least in parts. So looking at pix of the ginger ninja is a balm to my soul which is feeling a bit battered and bruised, and helps bring a needed smile to my face.
These three are contenders for the calendar. I know which one I like the best, but how about the rest of you?


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