Return of the Cat Woman

When I saw Octavia on Sunday I mentioned how strange I found it that I have become a go-to person about cats in the neighbourhood. I’m sure I don’t know more than the average cat owner, though my addiction to the various pet programmes on the television has taught me a lot, and living with Cat was an education in itself. When the penny finally dropped that Cat was a permanent fixture rather than a temporary self-invited guest, I borrowed books about cats from the local library, books that are no longer in the collection, read about nutrition, and general cat care. That’s about it.

Octavia reckoned it was because I have been involved in a few cat rescues locally. Funnily enough I had been thinking about Trevor earlier in the day. Then there was Odysseus, Izzy and, of course, Cookie.

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Bicycle Thief

Just back from The King’s Speech about which more later.

Now pondering how to fix my bike.

A neighbour spotted someone hovering by it, and from a safe distance asked him what he was doing.
“Fixing it for my girlfriend Sarah. She lives at number 37.”

There aren’t that many flats in our block, and the neighbour knew it was my bike anyway. She was talking to her son on the ‘phone and felt pretty safe, but the guy moved away round the side of the building to where our recycling bins are. It’s a bit narrow there, and she decided not to follow.

From inside her flat she saw him again by my bike. She opened the window and called out to him once more.

He came over and asked her what business it was of hers. Continue reading