Full of the Joys

If Not Cat does not sleep soundly tonight I shall worry.
He has been on the go since lunchtime. I can see that if I want to enjoy his companion animal services in the warmer months, I may have to put a tent up in the garden. This is his first spring with me.

Playing With the Sensor

Unbelievably, it is nearly a year since Cat died. A year since Mother hovered between life and death, and, as I now know, the beginning of her move into the nursing home.
Not Cat has eased some of the pain of Cat’s death. He, like Cat, has unknowingly provided support through some of the darker days of Mother’s decline. He has given us pleasure, and somehow, hope. Continue reading


When Mother’s cousin Olga fell last year, she gave her name and address to the paramedics, but was silent when they asked her date of birth.

Thinking she was perhaps hard of hearing, they asked again.

“I always understood,” she said with dignity, “that a lady should not be asked her age.”

Good on her. Continue reading

Age Thing

Do you know those weeks when there is so much going on that it feels like your head may explode?

Information being received, decisions being made in fragments of split seconds, demands that make your feel like you are a non-stop spinning thing?

Great. Then you’ll know how I feel now it’s Friday night and I’m not working until tomorrow afternoon.

No time this week to contemplate and consider. No time to reflect and process. It’s all been go go go.

Twenty-five years ago, I thrived on weeks like this. I got a buzz from them. Now they seem ridiculous; a negation of being alive.

Is this just an age thing?