Vicarious Cycling

OK, I’m going to admit it. I have broken my pledge to cycle every day in April. It has been too darned wet for this fair weather cyclist.

The Bike Less Ridden

But I have spent time on Wiggle, looking at expensive bikes I shall never buy. I am thinking about a basket for my bike and have looked at lots, and even bid for one on eBay. I didn’t get it. I have bought a cover for my cycle helmet so when I do ride in the rain, the water won’t come through the slits and drip down my neck or into my eyes.

It isn’t so much the getting wet I mind, though dripping through a day at work is obviously far from ideal. It’s the puddles of unknown depth and hidden dangers that spool out from blocked drains; the soaking by joyful and mindless drivers who surge through those same puddles, throwing enough water into the air to fill a bath; the pedestrians who step out wielding umbrellas like sabres and who run murderously into my path.

So, I’ve settled for cycling vicariously. I am reading Andrew Sykes book Good Vibrations: Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie. I bought the Kindle version. Now I have my smartphone, I’ve downloaded the Kindle app, which makes for handy reading in the bus.
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