A Walk in Kent, Part Two

Nettles. Great for a hair rinse, at least according to Aunt; good as soup apparently; and nice tea; but up close and personal in the raw state, no. Nowhere near as bad as the poison ivy across the pond, which is Nature in a Very Bad Mood, but nonetheless, not to be messed with. So we walked back and forth through holes in the fence, bypassing the things, and finally emerging illegally into the next field.

Sidestepping the end of the path was a necessity rather than an option. Nature had achieved a fine and very effective barrier across the legal way.

Impossible and Impassable

Impossible and Impassable

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After the Riots: I Heart London

Pictures of the riots and their aftermath were beamed all around the world.

It’s easy to imagine the place as a city under siege, or where the inhabitants are all at each others’ throats day and night, snarling and aggressive.

That’s not the London where I live, the London I know, the London I love. Continue reading