Arena Love

I was feeling a bit low today realising that I had no more tickets for the Paralympics, so late afternoon I went online and managed to get a day pass for Friday. I shan’t be able to go there until afternoon, but I am hoping to get into things I haven’t seen so far and enjoy the atmosphere one last time.
I have heard some stuff said about Paralympians that has made me pause. You can’t watch these people and doubt that they are first class athletes. This isn’t some lesser hobbyist event.
I am able-bodied. I am not an athlete. Put me in a race or contest with anyone of these Paralympians and I would lose.
We were walking about yesterday, bumping into people we knew, chatting, shocked at the queues for the water fountains (there were none on Thursday), when there was a huge roar from the Aquatics Centre. Everyone looked at each other and started smiling. We knew Ellie Simmonds had just got gold. We celebrated with a beer £4.30 the bottle, so for a frugal person like me with boat bills to pay quite a statement.
We needed to get into the Arena. I fell in love with the Arena at the Opening Ceremony and when I saw it on Thursday inside the Park my heart beat a little faster.

Arena Love

Even grey skies couldn’t diminish my love. Actually, my heart started beating faster on the way to the Park. You know the expression about your heart swelling with pride? Well, I know what it means now.
I took various photos of it in daylight ad after night had fallen.

Arena and Wild Flowers

Arena at Night

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