Friends and Poetry

I had a lovely day with Mother today.

When I arrived, Aunt and Cecily were there. They visit almost every Saturday. Cecily knows Mother from the church where they both worshipped. They share the same birthday, though twenty-six years apart. Cecily’s husband used to do Mother’s hair. He was a fitness fanatic who watched what he ate with the eye of a hawk and adored Mother. Then eight years ago, he had a huge stroke, and has been childlike ever since. To put it mildly, Cecily has a lot on her plate , and her loyalty to her friendship with Mother is admirable. Their mutual affection is evident, and I know that Mother benefits from her visits. Without Cecily’s dedication, Aunt would not be able to visit either. She’s not going to get a gong, but I do believe she deserves one. Continue reading

The Digital Octogenarian

I finally gave my aunt her Christmas present today. It was a digital photo frame I bought for her in December. Somehow, getting a little USB and selecting some pictures to go on it took me a shameful amount of time.
Better late than never though. And she loved it.
We had a lot of fun putting it together. She looked a bit dubious, I thought. too polite to say anything as I followed the instructions. Possibly a bit resigned to a present she didn’t think she wanted.
But once it was all set up and functioning, she could hardly tear her eyes away from it. She was all ready to go through the instruction manual and find the different ways she could get the photos to move through the slide show.
It seemed a good time to revive the idea of the digital camera I’ve been carrying around in my car for since last year. It belonged to my cousin, who was more than happy that our aunt should use it.
The sticking point seemed computer access and confidence. However, since I gave her a flat screen television, she’s tapped into technical support at her church. So now she’s confident that someone will help her download her pictures and copy the ones she wants onto a CD.
I left her looking forward to working out how to use her new gadget.
A whole new hobby for her eighty-eighth year.
I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

Chocolate Preferences

The penny has just dropped.
My aunt is a chocolate aficionado. She favours good quality dark chocolate whereas I am a bit of a chocolate pleb and prefer milk chocolate, preferably with hazelnuts. Or walnuts. Not so keen on almonds or brazils.
So every Christmas and birthday she gives me some good dark chocolate for which I thank her politely, while my heart drops.
In the non-chocolate parts of my life, I dislike milk, so I think that’s where she may have got the idea. Or it’s simply that she can’t imagine anyone preferring what’s generally considered an inferior product.
How to tell her without offence? She’s well into her eighties and on a small pension. Also slightly erring memory. These gifts are obviously high treats in her eyes for a dear niece, but my common tastes could save her a bit of cash. Sounds like a win-win doesn’t it.
Answers on a postcard please. Or in the comments box if you prefer.