Sunday Miscellany

I am, as is often the case, still up because MasterB is enjoying some Outside Time. His Outside Time makes me feel increasingly that to move somewhere with a catflap and private garden, however small, would significantly improve the quality of his life. And  mine. Hartley and Smudge, the two black and white fur balls are also outside in our garden. Hartley is very friendly to me and would be friendly to MasterB, but the objet of his affection is playing Hard to Get. Actually, I think Hartley is looking for a new home where he would gets lots of love and attention. I don’t think it’s my home, but I wish him luck.

As I have heard nothing to the contrary, I believe Ann is still alive. Ridiculous, but I can’t help feeling if she has made it through the weekend she might still surprise everyone and rise again from her sick bed.

Octavia has been looking for talcum powder and not finding it. Since she said this I have seen talcum powder on sale everywhere. There is a mystery here I am not sure I am qualified to solve. Continue reading


River Birds, Homeward Journeys and Autumn Days

Aunt lives by a river too. Although it is connected to where I have das Boot, unfortunately it isn’t possible for me to visit her by water. How cool would that be?
I’m not the greatest wildlife photographer and was probably too busy enjoying the chat to concentrate well yesterday. Here are some of the birds I saw both at Aunt’s and on our river trip.

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Ground Level

After yesterday’s grey skies, today was bright and mild. At ground level in the garden, some things are growing, some things have fallen, and some seem to mysteriously hang onto water.
We have various types of funghi, most are dull or menacing, but this one I like.

Cup Cake Funghi

I love the strawberry fruit. The blackbirds do too, but for different reasons. One of my neighbours complains they are messy.

Strawberry Fruit and Leaf


It didn’t rain, but these leaves were wet. Continue reading