The Coronavirus Diaries, 30th April 2020

Well, I finished the jigsaw today. I was feeling pretty determined about it, though at one point i was just staring at pieces unable to see where they would go. But the beauty of this puzzle is the pieces are all so individual, so when you do spot a match you can make rapid progress. the pieces are often also beautiful, so there is a joy in just looking at them.

The finished article

When I began the other one I didn’t know that the end product was not going to be a rectangular picture as shown on the box.

The box picture

In fact that one was was fairly irregular in shape, where as this one I began to realise was going to have a symmetry to it. I just didn’t know what the symmetry would be. Several times I thought I had completed the outline in one part only to realise there was another layer or two to be added. Continue reading