The Coronavirus Diaries, 31st May 2020

Another month ends. Today has been one of my up and down days during this virus. A walk this afternoon did much to help. Celia was otherwise engaged so I walked down to Ruskin Park, following our now established route via the eastern tip of Myatts Fields and Loughborough Junction. It has been a beautiful day; warm and sunny with blue skies and a cooling breeze. It would have been perfect for a country walk. The three goslings are still alive and getting bigger. I reckon they are safe from gulls and crows now, but a fox could take them. Their parents seemed to want to shield them from the public gaze and kept them in the reeds and long grasses. The moorhens’ babies, I am guessing they are called chicks but I don’t know s do correct me if I am wrong, were on the water with their parents. Two tiny ducklings seemed to be swimming about on their own. Then their parents paddled over, gave one of them a nudge and left them to it. It looked pretty negligent to me. Another pair of ducks also had two ducklings. I am used to seeing ducks with a great brood of ducklings. These seem very small families. Admittedly the large families get smaller and smaller as the days pass with various predators picking off the wee ones. Maybe some family planning involved here for a manageable brood. I just hope they all survive.

Geese concealed

Ducklings too young to be alone

Moorhen family

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