Pink and White Spring

We’re moving into blossom season. Finally, the signs are here. I am heading East shortly, just letting MasterB have a turn outside before the car journey. He has been playing with his girlfriend this morning. They were chasing each other. Unfortunately, most of the action went on behind a car, and as she is still scared of me I had to be content with what could be seen from through the window. It was MsterB’s posture that alerted me to the game in the first place, very alert, looking at something, then pouncing and running.
I took a few photos of my pink and white tulips which I anticipate will be dead by the time I get home.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

Spting has ceased being the present and moved into the future. Today has been cold and grey with flurries of snow and an icy wind. I was at work all day, fortunately inside, but in a building where the outside was a bit too close for comfort in some places.

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Can You See What It Is Yet?

It was really nice to make just a little piece after all the different elements of the piece I did for the exhibition.
I’ve been thinking about this one for a while, but when I came to do it my image of the tree had changed. I had started to think of it as tree in blossom.
A friend wants to buy it. I suggested a price. She thought it too low. So, without declaring her interest, I asked an opinion from the teacher. She promptly suggested a sum four times higher than I had asked.
But a Friend’s a Friend. And all the beautiful pieces of glass in this are her leftovers. The bits I’ve picked out of her discard pile. So in a way, she’s already paid for part of it.
I think we’ll reach a compromise somewhere near my original price.

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Easter Monday near the South Bank

This picture shows what I love about London. There’s always so much happening, free for any passerby to enjoy.
I was walking up to the Strand and about to cross Waterloo Bridge when I saw the trees in blossom ad decided to take a picture. Only after I had taken it and walked on a few steps did I notice the guys by the ramp practising their circus skills. I took a v short movie of them which maybe I’ll add to this post later.