Take a look at this picture. It’s some sort of night out, probably at the end of the 1930s. Maybe even after the Second World War has broken out, because despite the bow ties and evening dresses, there’s something a bit shabby about it. My grandparents are in this photo, so is one of my aunts. She’s the young one with her husband behind her. There’s my grandfather’s brother, Fred, who made his money in oil and lived in Baghdad for a while. Fred is the fourth from the left. But it’s his wife I want you to look at, my Great Aunt Eve. She is sitting just in front of him. She’s wearing a dark dress and looks relaxed and comfortable.

A Party

Eve was Fred’s second wife. I think his first wife, Maud, died. If there was a divorce, it never reached my ears.
Fred and Eve lived in a village just outside Guildford. They had a spacious bungalow whose gardens stretched down to the river. Maybe that’s where the boat that I remember dimly from early childhood was moored. Great Uncle Fred I remember not at all. Eve made a more lasting impression, outliving her husband by more than a decade. She moved from the bungalow into a flat in the centre of Guildford. She was the generous source of treats and delights we didn’t get anywhere else.
Here she is again with Fred, he’s holding one of my cousins and it must be the early 50s.

By the Sea

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Amazing. It is a nice evening. I can see sunshine and blue skies. This afternoon my fingers were at the mauve end of the blue spectrum. After niceish weather on Saturday and Sunday in comparison with what we have been having in recent weeks, I foolishly left my gloves at home. Mistake.
NotCat might have been more than eager to get outside when I arrived home, I am only too happy to defrost indoors, wrapped up in a thick vaguely Icelandic cardigan. So it was quite funny to see that there is a new photo challenge today called blue.
I was going to make the switch to summer pyjamas tonight, but snuggly winter ones are far more appealing.
Anyway, two blue photos, though I am not sure I shall link them back to the challenge.

Garden Blue

Boat Blue

Bring Out Another Thousand

Spring is the season where boat owning brings both pleasure and financial ruin. I have just forked out for my river licence, the mooring fees are due as is the bill for the last year’s electricity hook-up. As the assistant in the chandlery where I bought a new fender for the bow of the boat said to me, boat stands for Bring Out Another Thousand.
My boat is to be anti-fouled and both quotes I have had are astronomical. Even if I could do the work myself, which my trapped nerve rules out, just getting the boat out of the water and back in again is £260 at the marina.

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Thames Blue

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I knew I had to get my mosaic finished so it could be entered for the exhibition, but I thought the deadline was next week.
Wrong. It was Tuesday morning. I only realised I’d got the dates wrong on Monday evening, so it was a late night finishing it. I got to bed about one. Then I had to take it to the gallery and hope it would be given a place in the show. It was. Phew.
Now, if someone would like to buy it, that’d be lovely!