Scavenging Ducks and Blue Skies

I think this will be a draft. The Internet is failing again; presumably too many people are trying to use their rationed time just now. Last night I woke up coughing at two and scheduled my photos. Tonight I hope to sleep through.

Another walk today. Not over demanding, and to be frank, not over interesting either. It started well at a harbour and a short boat trip to a very plush marina with some seriously expensive boats. Some had kitsch written all over them.



But as a walk, it never really took off. We went up, we came down, we went up again. There were some good views. Not a walk I should choose to do again. But the weather is perfect. I have been in Greece at this time of year before and got soaked; shivered in fleeces in the evenings. But the sun is shining in the day and skies are gloriously blue once the sun has burned the cloud away. Pretty damn perfect. Continue reading

Down by the Thames

I spent a long time staring at the river the other day; looking at the boats, moored and moving. They made me think of das Boot, not because they look much if anything like her, but just looking at them made me remember the movement of the boat on the water; the cosiness; the contentment I feel aboard.

Tower Bridge is always impressive, so I had to take at least one photo. Apparently, it is classified as a ship.

Tower Bridge January 2012

Although I am no speed-freak, I watched the people on this rib enviously. I’d love a go.

Red Rib

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know I’m not a great fan of sunset photos as they never seem to live up to what I see with the naked eye, and I would not want one on my wall.

However, that didn’t stop me getting out my point and squirt yesterday at the marina yesterday evening as the sun was setting, when I did not know that the challenge this week was sunset photos.

Boats and Reeds at Sunset

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