Before I left for work this morning I emptied, cleaned and replenished the litter tray twice. MasterB had had a pee sometime in the night, so I bagged that up before breakfast, washed my hands and made my coffee and toast.

While I showered, MasterB joined me in the bathroom and evacuated his bowels. I opened the window wider and wondered if this was an experience familiar to Mark Twain, Albert Camus or other famous cat lovers. I don’t recall any scenes in L’Étranger where the protagonist interrupts his introspection to bag up cat poo.

There are moments when I feel my life lacks glamour.

I also wrote a little list for myself, cryptic reminders for things I want to get done over the next few days; bathroom shelf, bolt, catfood – sachets and biscuits, invoice TG, bottles and jars, bolt and drill. I examined the tomatoes but didn’t photograph them. That had to wait until this evening.

They are doing well, and the flowers give promise of more to come. One of the coantiners has four plants supported by a wigwam of canes. This was working well until I went to Ireland. I suspect underwatering dried out the compost and the cans became wobbly. Now the tomato plants show a distressing tendancy to fall over at any provocation. I have just rescued an orphaned green tomato untimely ripped from its moorings by one of these falls.

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Of Bradley Wiggins, Pets, Names, Squash and Post-Paralympics

Cycled home tonight with a colleague. He has a new dog named after his hero, Bradley Wiggins. He’s hoping it will be Sir Bradley wiggins soon. I saw another friend and waved. As we were going by he called out “We’ve got a new moggie.” We wheeled round to learn more. Sandy and Steve’s beloved cat Winston was mauled to death by two fighting dogs back in March. They thought they would never have another, but returning from Germany they found a scrap of a cat crying on the doorstep. A tortie, her half starved state hadn’t dimmed her character. Her working name was the Piranha for her sharp sharp teeth. Now she is officially Fang the Mighty.
My own gorgeous one was pleased to see me and we had an extended bonding session before he decided it was time to go out where we found Sonny waiting for his dinner.
Talking of the ginger ninja, I am considering changing his online name from NotCat to MasterB. Those of you who have followed this blog for a while know he is NotCat to distinguish him from Cat, my soulmate feline who introduced me to the joys and challenges of life with a cat. Continue reading