Losing the Lurgy, Tax Returns, I Object, and the 2019 Ginger Ninja Calendar

My clients yesterday, morning and afternoon, were very tolerant and indeed sympathetic of my almost constant nose blowing and intermittent sneezing. Where does all this fluid come from? And why? A whole big box of paper hankies used in twenty-four hours. So I made it through, considerably relieved that my colleague Simon had agreed to take on the job I was supposed to be doing today.

At home, I subsided onto the sofa and I was in bed by nine o’clock. MasterB was sweetly accommodating of my low energy. I slept almost immediately, but woke up sometime after midnight, and after that I think I slept fitfully. Anyway, I didn’t feel exactly refreshed when seven o’clock rolled around. But onwards and upwards, or perhaps upwards and onwards, and knowing I had avocado, watermelon and pomegranate seeds to top my toast motivated me into the kitchen. Continue reading


Not the Full Ninja

The explosion made me jump and be grateful I wasn’t pouring a drink. Earlier, I checked the local information to see what firework displays were on tonight and was pleased, though a bit surprised, to see that after the Lord Mayor’s display was over, it looked like a quiet night.
MasterB went out around 7.30. I had barely got upstairs when a rocket whooshed loudly outside. Back to the ground level and I found MasterB cowering at the back of the binshed. He wouldn’t come out. I jingled my keys encouragingly. No go. A rattle of biscuits and a fortunate pause between pyrotecnics proved sufficient to persuade him to come to me and in through the front door again. Continue reading