Working Through the List

I am feeling quite good about today’s list. Most things on it have a tick beside the. OK, so two of the items were accepting invitations to Christmas parties, but given my unsocial tendencies, I think that’s an achievement.
MasterB came home collarless last night, so he is wearing a new reflective collar to which I have attached a second bell. Funny how different it sounds from his last collar. Maybe if I got enough neighbourhood cats wearing a variety of bells we could make a feline Tubular Bells. Mike Oldfield eat your heart out. Simba, the tabby over the road could do the tinkly bits as he is pretty lively. Rosie the black and white is comfortably into middle age, she could have a more sedate part. Sonny doesn’t wear a collar anyway and I can’t imagine ever being able to attach one. He has wandered off after eating me out of house and home for several days. The tin says it contains four portions, but not according to Sonny. Admittedly he can’t read, but two portions per tim is the most I have achieved. Sometimes it is one and half portions. Ginger wanders in and out of our lives and is bell-less too.He had a fight with a cat I don’t know the other day. MasterB and I watched from the window. I went out to check he was alright. He was. He hung around for a few hours and then disappeared again. Anyway, here is a picture of Sonny from the other day. Continue reading

The Wanderer

I’ve just been ordering a tag to attach to Not Cat’s collar which is looking increasingly like a charm bracelet.

This one will state that he has been chipped, give my mobile number, and request that anyone who finds him calls me.

The last two mornings have been a race to get to work on time as Not Cat has been AWOL. I replaced the Loc8tor batteries tonight, as one was dead, so that hasn’t been any help. My heart has been in my mouth, fearing he has been lifted for his pretty looks and gentle ways. Neighbours have checked their gardens, and I had to knock on doors and send several emails when he did turn up.

My guess is he’s found his way inside someone’s house, because his paws are warmer than I’d expect when he does reappear. Whether that person knows he’s there or not is a moot point.
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