Out and About

Here are some photos of NotCat last night when he was out and about for his second stroll in the harness. None of the photos would win prizes, and you can see I am struggling to get the harness to sit on him properly. He was rather suspicious of this blue thing following him when I dropped the lead from time to time. Mostly, I tried to hold it fairly slack so he wouldn’t be bothered by it.

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What a little star he is.


Back in Harness

We spent quite a while looking at cows. When we had got off the boat, or disembarked, which sounds much grander, the cows had been at the far end of the field, but as we turned from our perambulations they were close by the fence.

NotCat sat down. He watched. He lay down to give them his full attention but in comfort. I stood. The path was damp and muddy. Minutes passed. I took some photos. I got bored, and decided if we were going to watch cows all evening I wanted to sit down. I carried NotCat to the steps. The moment I had got comfortable, he lost interest in cows and turned his attention to boats. We crunched along the gravel.

NotCat did that cat thing of walking along the very edge while I held my breath and suggested the grass was nicer to paws. Continue reading

Cold Comfort Boat

After nine and I have just eaten. Honestly, my stomach thought my throat had been cut. I don’t know yet who is London’s mayor. The gungho forecast at breakfast that it was Boris was rather less gungho by the time the PM programme came on Radio 4 at six o’clock. I am rather hoping it isn’t Boris as although I think he can appear funny and charming, I also think he is completely ruthless and untrustworthy. And he keeps endorsing extremely tall buildings as prestigious housing projects and the prospect of an airport on the Isle of Sheppey depresses me. It’s a vanity project.

I can’t say the idea of Ken as mayor fills me with delight either. The best thing that can be said of either of them is that they are not in their parties’ pockets.

Now, how did that paragraph happen? I didn’t mean to talk politics at all. Last time I was at das Boot, I took the winter covers off the bows. As a result, draughts are whistling around the fore cabin tonight. Consequently, over my legs there’s a pink fleece blanket the colour of apple blossom that was Mother’s. And three layers of clothing and a silk scarf on my top. The heater is on too. NotCat is asleep a foot or so away from me, which is good news for the daddylonglegs hanging from the window. He is wearing his harness. He had a little explore from the car, but alarmingly managed to back out of part of the harness (sold as a garment that cats could not shrug off) and I had visions of him disappearing up one of the numerous trees. I had to exercise a patience I did not feel to coax him from under the car and to safer territory. Continue reading

Operatic Aspirations

Asleep Midwash

Not Cat was in great voice for most of the journey. I’m not sure which opera he was interpreting, but it covered most emotions including despair and rage.

I stopped at a wll known supermarket, part of a chain that I usually avoid, but I wanted a pee and to buy food and alcohol for the next few days.

I took Not Cat out of hs caddy, and put on his harness which attaches to a safety belt plug. I secured him to one of the seatbelt plugs on the back seat. Continue reading