It Was Only a Walker’s Crisp Box, But He Loved It

I want to replace the hideous orange cube which after nearly a year is extremely battered but still a prime favourite. Despite MasterB’s enjoyment of his Walker’s crisp box, the day when I want to abandon the slummy look must surely be near.
In the meantime, here a few pix of it in use yesterday.

In the Box

In the Box

Marking the Territory

Marking the Territory

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Toyed Up

Rather like a parent with small children, I regularly need to retrieve Not Cat’s toys from a variety of places. Yesterday, realising there were less toys about than usual, I lay on the floor to peer under items of furniture to see if I could locate the missing ones. Not Cat enjoys knocking his toys under the bed amd reaching a slender arm in to find them. The trouble is, sometimes they roll out of his reach. Continue reading

Riots Tonight?

The holiday gifts have come in handy as Not Cat and I stay behind locked doors this evening.

Pause in the Game

I got home from work about half past five and spent half an hour in the garden with Not Cat. Then I remembered something I wanted from M&S.

Leaving Not Cat alone in the garden, which is in itself a fairly new development and quite nervewracking, I headed for the main road.

Strange. Little knots of people I recognised as local shopkeepers stood on the pavement. The Afghani shop was closed and the shutters were down.

Very strange. It’s usually open until late.

I walked up to M&S. The doors were locked.

Puzzled, I checked my watch and the sign showing opening hours.

An assistant mouthed something to me through the door. Continue reading

Holiday Gifts

I know some people always return home with lots of gifts for friends and family following a holiday, but it’s something I don’t normally do.

However. this time I couldn’t resist.

There’s a green one too, but Not Cat has disappeared it already.

Maybe it’s hanging out with the little green football which is also missing.